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Penile Anomaly
Aug 25, 2010
Hey guys,

I'm a bit concerned over what I experienced a few days ago. I just had intercourse with my partner (m/m), and, it was the first time I had been on top (with him or anyone). After we finished (was drawn out over 20 maybe even 30 minutes of intercourse), we both took showers and cleaned ourselves up and I noticed the head of my penis was red. Upon further inspection, at first glance it looked as if I had blood on the tip of my penis. It was bright red and looked splotchy, as if it was bloody.

I tried to wipe it off, even though I'd just gotten out of the shower (d'oh), and it didn't come off. This led me to believe it was under the skin but so close to the outer most layer that it looked as if it were actually outside the skin.

It diminished considerably the next day and now it doesn't really look like much of anything. It didn't hurt or itch or anything like that.

Does this just sound like a ruptured blood vessel? Is that common? Is it something I should worry about? I know I don't have any STDs - so, we can rule that out. Plus the fact that I've never seen it happen before leads me to believe it was what I think it was, but, I'm still not sure.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank ya kindly.


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