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Ejaculation Quest
Feb 20, 2001
Hi everyone, bit of an unusual post here but here goes,
I was a late bloomer, didn't start getting pubic hair till 18 and couldn't ejaculate till then either tho I was a serial masterbator through my early teens dispite not being able to ejaculate at all. For some reason back then I could have three or four orgasms in one session, but today (I'm 19 now) it takes huge massive effort just to climax a second time. I don't know about you but for me it feels like I've lost something great!
It has become something of an obsession for me to return to those days, and I've read online that there are two drugs used in the treatment of prostate difficulties that inhibit latitudinal muscles specificly used in ejaculation, but not the longitudinal ones so climax still occurs, would inhibiting ejaculation allow multiple climax again? I feel like I'm going crazy here

Anyone know how easy it is to get drugs that help with prostate problems? Ill post the names if someone asks.

Please dont flame me, its a real problem I have and i would appreciate any advice, even if ts to tell me to go to the doctor about it, or a shrink even!


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