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Hello everyone,
A few months ago posted a question on circumcision, and asked if social reasons were good enough reason to circumcise my son who will be born in a few weeks now. I really appreciated everyone's insights and answers and personal experiences. I was leaning toward not circumcising my son. Well i had not told my wife of my decision and just thought that we would talk about it when the doctor asked us.
Well the doctor asked us at our last visit. She said, "Do you want to have your son circumcised?" There was a pause and my wife awnsered "yes". I jumped in and said, "well maybe" I was surprised by the docotor's response to my "maybe" answer. She went on to say that circumcision is better because it is much easier to care for and clean when the boys are young and that it prevents problems from arising when the boys are adults. She also said it was cleaner because circumcised men have a straight pee stream and flow as where uncircumcised men have a foreskin that does not allow for a clean pee flow.
After we left my wife and I had a conversation about circumcision. I explained why I though the doctor was wrong. She agreed. Her only worry is that our son will feel different than all the other boys. The circumcision rate is now 65% and has not gone up or down much among white babies nation wide in the last 20 years. I recently saw stats that support that statement.
Here are my questions!!!
1. When is a child able to retract his foreskin? I know parents should not try and pull it back for them. it is a natural process that will happen after a few years right?
2. To avoid not having a "clean pee" dont uncircumcised men just pull back their foreskins when they urinate? Cant i just teach my son that, just like i will teach him to shake his penis after he pees? Were you all taught to do this by your fathers?
3. Also, if my son feels out of place in the lockerroom, cant he just retract his foreskin as soon as he is nude and look like everyone else if he wants. No one would even know he is uncircumcised. I shower at the gym daily. I have a buddy that i have seen in the shower for several months now. I have seen him nude all the time and until last week I didnt know he was uncircumcised because he always had his foreskin back. Did you uncircumcised men do this so that you didnt feel like the odd boy or man???

Thanks. i will appreciate all responses and opinions!

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