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I just wanted to share with everybody something I learned. Guys can have multiple orgasms too! To do it, try getting closer and closer to orgasm, but don't go all the way. The trick is to try to have an orgasm without ejaculating. Once you ejaculate, it's all over. If you can get close to cumming and not ejaculate, you can have multiple orgasm. The orgasm always comes first, THEN the ejaculation. So don't complete the process, and just have the orgasm, and you can have multiples.
Just read the book. Yes there is a book on the subject. It's called The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams. The basics are learning to breath, control of your PC muscle, and seperating your orgasm and your ejaculation.

Quest2001 you are missing the point completely. Yeah if you are really turned on by your partner most guys can go again fairly soon. With multiple orgasms you can have a "big" one you just don't ejaculate and you can keep on having "big" ones until you decide you are ready to ejaculate. Which is better one "big" one then maybe another or as many "big" ones as you want to have for as long as you want?
Yes two in a row is good but we are talking about five ten hell as many as you want in a row, every time you have sex. So now which is better?

Maybe you are confusing ejaculating with orgasming. They are two completely different things that just happen to occur at the same time. With multiple orgasms you get all the pleasure of the orgasm without the energy drain of ejaculation so you can keep on going.

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