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That little piece of skin you refer to is actually called the Frenulum. No, it will not tear or break during sex, it's just part of the equipment. I'm uncut too, so I understand exactly what you're talking about. Glad to hear that you are practicing good hygiene and keeping that friend of yours good and clean. And yes, the foreskin can be completly retracted down the shaft. Your foreskin and frenulum can be stretched a bit so that this happens. Try taking warm soaking baths or showers and gently stretching the foreskin down the shaft. This may take a while and will require you to be patient but believe'll want to do this before sex becomes part of your life. Just keep working it and eventually you'll be able to retract the foreskin down when erect and you'll basically look like some of your buddies who are cut. Once flaccid again, the skin returns to normal position! Hope this helps, I'm glad you found the board to get such information. Take care of the equipment, it's the only set you'll ever have!

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