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doesn't masturbating so much make you guys tired? Maybe you just have time to sleep 9-10 hours a night. Have you ever tried going for 3-4 days without masturbating?

I think the issue here is the quality of the orgasms rather then the quantity. For instance, I could get erect and ejaculate in a minute or two, but I wouldn't be aroused, and I think it would thus be physically harder on my body. Men can learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. (At least I think so). What I was trying was, taking a while to masturbate, getting closer and closer to orgasm, then backing off, and then actually having a small orgasm without ejaculating. I think ejaculation happens at the END of orgasm. And it doesn't really do anything for you. If you just don't complete the orgasm tottally, you can have a small orgasm, and then another and another. And I think as you get good at this, you could actually have bigger orgasms. Give it a go.

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