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After masterbating, I have noticed a strong leaking feeling. This can happen anytime between 10 mins after up to 30 mins. Its not a constant feeling, just momentarily, and can happen anytime within this time span. I checked it out and there was some clear stuff that had leaked. Is this normal? Is there anyway to stop it?

While I'm here I may as well ask a few other q's.

I've noticed that I don't really get that much out of masterbating. I don't feel much up until just before I ejaculate. After that there is an annoying bit of sensitivity in the head which lasts for maybe 5-10 mins and thats that. I masterbate once a week normally, and although i get the urge to do it more often, its not really a strong urge and I know i won't get that much pleasure out of it.
I must mention that I have been dealing with an infection in the head of the penis for about 6 months now. It all started after following some advice Lance gave me on making sure the testical sac was dry by using the talc. The talc got in the head, and started a bacterial infection or something with all the smegma under there. Don't worry Lance, not ur fault, I prob did something wrong. Anyway, since that day I have had to deal with a yeast infection, stretching the foreskin to allow cleaning and putting the cream on, a sore head from the foreskin not covering as much, then a really sensitive head which lasted for about 3 months, 2 courses of antibiotics, numerous swab tests, a urologist who cost alot of money who said it was all in my head (he took a max of 10 mins to come to that conclusion, the head with hair on it btw), then I discovered he was wrong after a swab test came back with bugs.

I've just finished my last course of antibiotics, and my last swab test came back clear. However things are still bothering me. The tip of the penis can feel cold and wet at times. Is this because the foreskin isn't covering as well anymore?

I also get a weak leaking feeling at times. I've hecked a few times and there doesn't seem to be anything there. I used to have a much stronger feeling before this last course, so I think the antibiotics have helped, but I'm afraid that in a months time It will have gone back to being infected again. It seems a bugger to shift this thing! I asked my doc, and the only thing she could think of was to try washing my underwear in non biological washing power, but I'm not sure it is the cause.

Another problem is the foreskin. I can pull it back to masterbate and clean ok. When i get erections sometimes the skin stays where it is and sometimes it slips behind the head. I don't have a prob with this. The thing is once behind the head, it stays there after the erection has gone. I have noticed it coming back by itself a few times, but that can take up to 10 mins, and most of the time I have to put the skin back over manually. The problem is that this feeling sets off an erection and we are back to square 1. I used to wear boxers before all this happened, but now I'm afraid that if I get an erection the foreskin will go over the head and then stay there which is pretty uncomfortable and I've been told the head can swell up if it is left out too long with the foreskin back. When I'm in lectures or out and about I can't put it back manually so I have avoided weraing boxers, and worn pants instead. The problem with these is that the tip of the penis which is uncovered is constantly in contact or rubbing on the pants which can cause a sore hot feeling after a bit and is probably the cause of why its a bit sore to urinate at times. However with pants they stop erections really forming and so the skin doesn't move out of place to much. Any suggestions on this would be great. Is it normal for the foreskin not to come back or take that long? Ways of speeding it up, or stopping it going over in the first place?

I'm sorry i have written so much, but its been 6 months and I'm so fed up of this situation! Any help u can give would be appreciated!

Cheers :-)

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