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Originally posted by AshleeD:
Why don't you just clear everything up and go get circumsized? I am not a guy, but I know I wouldn't like having an uncircumsized penis...isn't it complicated to always have to pull it back to piss, wash it when your done, and pull the skin back for sex? It would get on my nerves. That's my advice for you. Just because your older doesn't mean you can't get it done and I don't think it's expensive. The white stuff may just be discharge that gets caught up around the foreskin.

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[This message has been edited by AshleeD (edited 06-04-2002).]

Circumcision is not the answer. Would you like to have your clit cut off? and if your not a guy how would you know you wouldn't want a uncircumcised penis? do some research on circumcision, it's f'd up.

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