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Jeep,have to disagree with you on the best orgasm position. That may work for you because I know with my hubby he has better orgasms on his back or in missionary position. Kneeling and standing orgasms for him are not as intense as the other positions tend to be.

Now I am going to qoute a rather good book about the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. This way people will realize that just because a guy doesnt ejaculate doesnt mean he isnt orgasming or that he is having a light orgasm.
From The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Chapter One Fireworks:Multiple Orgasms For Men Page four,section Orgasm and Ejaculation

To become multi-orgasmic man,you need to understand some basic facts about your anatomy. The most important fact is that orgasm and ejaculation are different. This is so startling to most men(and women)that we need to explain exactly how they are different. Let us begin by defining orgasm and ejaculation. Physiologically,an orgasm is the contration and pulsation that most men feel in their penis,prostate,and pelvic area. It is accompanied by an increased heart rate,breathing rate,and blood pressure and results in a sudden release of tension.
Obviously,orgasm is much more than these rather mechanical physiological changes. It is the peak experience of sex for most people,and it is one of the most intense and pleasurable parts of being human. If you have ever had an orgasm,and almost all men have,you know exactly what we are describing.
Ejaculation,however,is simply a reflex that occurs at the base of the spine and results in the ejection of semen. It is,in short,simply an involuntary muscle spasm.
Granted,it is a pleasurable muscles spasm,but it is a muscle spasm nonetheless. Since so many men have learned to conect all the pleasure of the orgasm with ejaculation,it is important to understand that most of the lightning and thunder that you associate with ejaculation is really what occurs with orgasm-with or without ejaculation.
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.... As you remember,boys only start to produce sperm(and therefore the ability to ejaculate) once they enter adolescence,usually around the age of thirteen. However,most boys masturbate before they reach this age. During this time,they experience orgasm without ejaculation.
Many boys continue to masturbate after orgasm,and since they do not ejaculate they maintain their erection. Alfred Kinsey.the pioneering sex researcher,in his famous book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male reported that half of all preadolescent boys(around 12 or younger) were able to experience two orgasms in a row,and almost a third were able to experience five or more one after the other. He concluded that "climax is clearly possible without ejaculation."
..... Kinsey studied older men as well and concluded,"Orgasm may occur without the emission of semen....These males experience real orgasm which they have no difficulty in recognizing,even if it is without ejaculation."

I could go on with more from the book and quote other books as well but I doubt I have enough space to do so.
Here are the four main books that discuss this topic in detail.
The Multi-Orgasmic Male,The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Chia and Abrams
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male by Alfred Kinsey
Fundamentals of Human Sexuality by Dr. Herant Katchadourian

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