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22 Years old
6 feet tall, 175 pounds
Non smoker
Social Drinker (Have 3-8 drinks a night an average of 2 days out of the week)
In very good physical shape. Work out every day (mainly weight lifting, some cardio here and there).
Have had 2 shoulder surgeries (November 2005 and October 2007) and a left varicocelectomy (September 1, 2010)
Not on any medication, nor have I been on any for the long-term

I have been experiencing varying degrees of impotence over the past 15 or so months. The problem came to my knowledge when I had the opportunity to sleep with a girl I was comfortable with on a couple different occasions about a year ago. I was unable to obtain a strong enough erection for penetration in both instances, and the problem has only seemed to have gotten a bit worse since then. We didn't even attempt to use a condom, so that wasn't an issue. I couldn’t get more than 80% of full erection and I had quite a bit of trouble getting one, especially keeping one. My libido seemed quite low; I of course would have loved to have my fair share of sex, but whenever I got to the time where I had the chance, it seems like my body never “flipped the switch” and had the strong urge to go through with it/get an erection. I have had this feeling of low libido for approximately 15 months. I have not been able to get a strong erection at all during these 15 months.

I can’t remember getting a morning erection within the past 2-3 years. If I ever do get one, it is barely noticeable and goes away immediately. I used to get morning erections all the time when I was younger; I had to wait a minute or so before I was able to use the bathroom after waking.

Shortly after I began having impotence problems (approx. 15 months ago), I had some sort of fluke injury to my testicle/scrotum a year ago. For whatever reason my left side of my scrotum and epididymis had inflamed to double its size. I don’t recall any major trauma occurring, it just happened out of nowhere. I had pain in both testicles, but only the left side was inflamed, along with a constant feeling of gas and pain extending into the lower abdomen. I visited a couple different urologists and through physical examination/ultrasound, it was said that I definitely had a varicocele on the left side and a good chance of epididymitis. The cause of my pain was probably a combination of the varicocele and epididymitis. I merely mentioned my impotence and didn’t do a whole lot about it at this time, as I figured that I was young and it would turn out to be ok, so I didn’t think much of it. I did end up getting my testosterone levels tested, and they came out as “normal”.

In the summer I took a workout supplement (Elevate by Pride Nutrition), which naturally boosted the production of my testosterone. My objective of taking this was merely for workout purposes, I had no intention of taking this to increase libido/strength of erections. I took the supplement for 2 weeks, and while on it, I had a LOT more energy, got a lot stronger, and my libido was a LOT higher, along with stronger erections. I was fortunate enough to meet a girl during these 2 weeks and was successful in the bedroom. The only reason I didn’t continue to take this supplement was because I noticed my hairline immediately receding. Since then, I haven’t searched for any other supplements, especially those for help with erections/libido. The links below have information about the supplement which I took for 2 weeks over the summer.
Flash forward to 4 months ago. I see a different urologist looking to get my varicocele fixed on the left side. It is successfully fixed and the sagging and dragging feeling, along with a majority of the pain is gone. There is probably 20% of the abdominal pain that remains and I have pain in the testicles for short periods of time; probably twice a day, so it isn’t much of a bother. I still do have a “gas-like” feeling in my abdomen, much like I did presurgery for almost all of the day. Although the surgery was a success, I am almost 3 months recovered and still have minor discoloring (black/blueish) in the base of my penis. This makes me wonder if any of the blood vessels have been damaged, especially considering that my impotence has gotten worse since I underwent surgery. Since my surgery I have not even been able to really keep an erection while masturbating; it seems that my impotence has reached an ultimate low. My erections are very weak (varying between 50-70% in strength and extremely difficult to keep an erection).

I had a few sample pills of Cialis (10 mg), which I have tried since my surgery, and they seemed to work. My erection problems have given me A LOT of stress and confusion. I could take the drugs (Cialis), but I'm far too young and (supposedly) healthy for that. Sexually, I feel like an elderly man trapped in a 22 year old body. My libido feels like it's waning to the point that I can get off 2-3 times a week and be able to get maybe 70 percent erect with a lot of work (intense direct stimulation that you would never get from normal sex), but it seems as if any sexual activity beyond that will completely zap my libido and erectile capabilities. I get into the mood, but whenever my erection starts to lessen, I immediately lose my “sexual desire”. I suspect an abnormal hormonal problem, as I noticed a positive impact through taking the supplement that I did over the summer, however my testosterone test results are confusing.

I don’t like to think that my trauma to my scrotum and my varicicolectomy are the causes to my impotence, as I was experiencing impotence months before I had any inflammation. I do think that the inflammation and surgery probably did increase the rate at which my impotence progressed and my loss of libido.

What should I do?! I don’t want to have to take a pill every time I desire to have sex, especially considering that I may have a few alcoholic beverages in me during many of these opportunities. I also don’t just want to take a pill to solve my problems; I want to figure out exactly what is happening with my body and then fix it accordingly. I want my libido to be normal, I want to have that strong “male desire” to have sex with women, I want to be ready whenever the time is right. I feel like taking something to increase my testosterone levels would be ideal, but I don’t want to kill my hairline. I felt very happy when I was on the testosterone-boosting supplement over the summer; I was emotionally happier and performed better with my erections and libido.

If I took a testosterone-increasing daily pill, could I also take a DHT blocker? [I]DHT is the type of testosterone that causes hair loss/receding hairline.[/I] I wouldn't want to take an over-the-counter testosterone booster, such as the one I took in the summer. Rather, I would prefer a prescribed medication to ensure that I am not damaging my body and its organs.
Are there long term effects to taking a testosterone-increasing daily pill? I.E. cancer, etc.?
How common is this for guys my age to have such problems?

I just want a normal level of libido and strong erections for a guy my age! I am in great shape and can't understand why I am having these problems. Please help!!!

Thank you for reading and any advice! Also, if there is any one out there with any similar symptoms/stories, please post!

Edit: [COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]What I am looking to get help with is NOT the pain issues. I need help with the erection/low libido issues.[/B][/COLOR]

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