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Hi Tommy

I understand that no one can assure me that the amount of skin they will remove will be the correct amount but sometimes if a trained professional tells you that they can do a good job and cure the discomfort then I think its worth putting a bit of faith in them. Otherwise we'd be doing things ourself. I'm an engineering geologist and recently I was asked for a quote to build a retaining wall, I looked at the job, and gave him a good price and one which would work. He thought he could do it cheaper and just a case of building a wall with a shallow footing, he had no training in soil mechanics or retaining structures - obviously it fell down and he had to call us to do the job we intended to do which would have saved him a lot of money!
What I am saying is, this urologist is trained, if he thinks he can do a good job, then I trust his professional judgement.

I have to disagree that no one needs a second circ - my scar line is continually rubbing on my underwear which makes it uncomfortable and feel continually bruised. This affects me on a day to day as I can always feel it and also affects my sex life and my girlfriends sex life. If a simple operation (ok, with possible repercussions) will correct this then why should this not be done again?
Self imagine is not playing any factor in my choice to have it done again, I have a very supported girlfriend who loves me just the way I am and simply because it doesn't look that bad. I few dumps on the underside (and without sounding to crass), which my girlfriend likes the feel of. My choice is merely a functional one and not be continually feeling a bruise. Obviously I would prefer it to look like a normal circumcised penis with no lumps or scar tissue as I have to live with it until I die.

Please correct me if I am wrong and I don't mean to be offensive. From reading your other posts which respect your opinion but it sounds like you are both anti circumcision and not circumcised yourself? Or you have had a very unfortunate experience?

For those who are thinking about having a circumcision as an adult (I am 27 and had it done the first time 3 months ago, mainly for hygiene and not because of any defect) I would say this from my experience.

I have explained why I had it done above, I went to a clinic near London, I was examined and he told me that most guys go for a medium tightness, mid level cut and this usually prevents any overhang when flaccid but leaves a small amount of skin movement when erect, he also said that they would remover the frenuleum (quite naively I didn't do much research on different styles however I don't think it would have made much difference as I think they have 'their style'.
Anyway during the operation I didn't feel a single thing and quite honestly found it fascinating to watch (I was totally surprised my foreskin could be stretched that far!). I had a local anaesthetic and the only uncomfortable bit (but by no means painful) was the administration of the anaesthetic.
They pulled out the foreskin, felt where about the gland was, clamped and cut. Stitched me up, put a dressing on it, gave me a cup of coffee and a biscuit, made sure I could wee without any problem and within 45 minutes I was driving the 200 miles home alone.

Post circ I had a a few problems, once I removed the bandage a day or so later I got an infection. Had antibiotics and it cleared it up but as I mentioned, developed over granulation which is kind of like scar tissue - the scar tissue isn't horrendous and located on the underside where the v scar meets where my frenuleum once was. The infection got in as during nocturnal erections (I have very strong one) I tore away the stitched and parted the skin. This was painful but only for a short time, or at least until I got back to sleep.
After a week once the infection had cleared up I was able to have gentle sex which wasn't great for either of us as I was understandably very worried I would split the skin again. I should have waited 6 weeks but my male instinct kicked in!

As for sensitivity - absolutely nothing has changed. I read that circs can reduce sensitivity and as I was alway 'quick' in the bedroom anyway I felt this could also be a bit of a bonus. But I am as quick as ever, at the minute I have half the amount of 'sensitive' inner foreskin (about 15mm left) as I did have and no 'sensitive' frenuleum and not lost ANY sensitivity at all. Just as I was advised my the surgeon that did the first one.

I'm an engineer so by no means qualified to give advice on circumcision but what I can do is give you my honest insight to what I went though - I guess everyone is different but the thought of having is far less then the benefits.

To correct my 'extra skin' and remove the scar tissue I am being re-circumcised next Tuesday. The urologist is going to leave 2mm of inner foreskin, just enough to stitch behind the head of the gland. I found a good idea the other day that seems simple to check that not too much skin will be removed. I got an erection and pulled the loose skin out too see how much could be removed.
I hope it goes well!

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