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I am concerned about a small pinkish plaque on my penis, barely raised, which has been there for 5 months. Under a light, it appears to have a small dimple/indentation in the middle (could also be a flat piece of scaly/dry skin, not sure). It is painless, it does not itch, and does not appear to be inflamed. I've attempted to squeeze it, but it has not ruptured. There are no other such marks (or any other symptoms for that matter) on my penis. I've tried to diagnose it and I've limited to either lichen planus or molluscum contagiosum. I do not believe I have venereal warts and strongly doubt that I have an STD or an STI. I have been sexually active since this has developed and it has not spread to my partner.

For as long as I can remember, small, red, very sensitive (very uncomfortable, even contact with my underwear was unpleasant) plaques have occasionally developed (only one plaque at a time) on certain spots of my penis and lasted for 1-2 weeks, every three or so months. They didn't leave scars, and never formed in the same place. The last time this happened was just before this pinkish plaque formed, so I'm concerned that it may be a scar. Five months ago, three of these small, red, sensitive plaques developed around the meatus. As I recall, the worst of these spots was located right where this lump is now. They lasted for about three days before scabbing (I applied hydrocortisone cream twice every day) I can't remember if this plaque immediately appeared or if it developed over time.

I have hydrocortisone cream, which I occasionally apply, but does not seem to help. I also have a cream with clotrimazole and betamethasone that I am considering trying. I also have salicylic acid for wart removal, but I really don't think putting that on my penis is a good idea.

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