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a few months ago at the beginning of march I was masturbating when i got a sharp pain and a bloody white-ish lliquid came from my penis. i immediately stoped and cleaned up(it wasnt alot of bleeding felt like i scratched something badly.) at that point i had not had sex for 3-4 years. figuring i had simply cracked the skin or something as has happened before as im a avid masturbator in my lonely years, i left it be. a couple days later it disapeared but wasnt quite right. thinking it was gone i went ahead and had sex(at this point i had believed i just ripped something and that it healed) it came back and i quit sex while it was their, this time it was just the white fluid, a pain around the base of my head, and a heavy white fluid coming from the base of my head. i had it checked out by a doctor and he then told me that i should be able to pull the foreskin back past my head which i cannot do and that i should see about a circumsission, and that he believes it was a yeast infection, he prescribed me Cannesten pills and to take one for 4 weeks once ever monday, i have taken them for two weeks, stopped a week because it had completely cleared up, then camee back again end of the week, then it was gone again. and that leaves me where i am now . recently it has completely cleared up, except right after i masturbate it comes back for a day or so.

if i flex my penis to get the head to expand it feels still at he base, the pain at the base has moved to a rash on the side of my 'head', and their are little bumps everywhere on my foreskin which i believe is a rash because it gets itchy. I'm 18 years old, only had sex with two people first person being three years ago i think i would have found out before i had something.

im currently in the process of getting a appointment checked out to have myself tested for STD's, and am seriously thinking of getting circumcised.

could it possibly be that the yeast infection is giving me a hard time because i am uncircumcised and cannot pull the foreskin back enough? it is much harder to clean and cannot use the cream.

should i be worried that this may be something else? also when i first got this back in march i had been tanning with lotion head to toe , perhaps this lotion had gotten under my skin and caused this whole mess and is a simple rash.

p.s it usedd to burn when i pee, but since it started healing it doesnt so often, and it has always done that everyonce in awhile. and the problem seems to have decreased lately.
im really scared,

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