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Hey guys, first time poster here. I believe that I may have a venous leak in my penis. I have been suffering for two years with ED, and it is destroying my life. I used to be completely normal, up until a few months before I turned 19. At this point, I had rock hard morning erections that would just not go away, spontaneous hard erections all the time, and an explosive sex life with my girlfriend of 4 years. We broke up, and I started taking an antidepressant (I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for years). I had no sex drive or erections of any kind while on the meds, so I quit them, but my erections have never fully returned, and I have had 2 blown relationships because of my lack of erections.

I have a strong sex drive, which is the weird part. I have rare morning erections, and when I do they are weak, and do not last long. I can only get erections while on my back, and they can only be kept up by lots of direct stimulation, and they are also much weaker than they used to be. I can get a weak erection standing up, but it cannot hold up very long. I have tried viagra and cialis to the max dose, and it gets me up to the weak erection, though still good enough for penetration, but it does not last long enough for proper sex however. My anxiety and depression over this loss of a very important part of life has become overwhelming and I have thought of suicide. Every urologist I have been too says I am absolutely fine and it is all in my head because of the antidepressant. I was finally advised to go to a sex therapist, who believes that it might not be mental, but in fact a venous leak or valve problem that just so happened to coincide with antidepressant taking.

I seem to have most of the symptoms, and have disregarded a physical problem because everyone said it was mental. I am scheduling a doppler test appointment soon to find out for sure. What do you guys think? Have any of you had experience with this? Also, all of my blood test results are normal.

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