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One easy way of working with the symptom (premature ejaculation), rather than necessarily fixing it, is to locate and press a certain spot between your anus and testicles right as you feel you reach the point of no return.

Basically, once you're about to come, you use one or two fingers and push up into the soft meat. Firmly, but not so hard you hurt yourself. The purpose is to put pressure on the prostate during the orgasm, only letting go once the orgasm is fully over.

Doing this, you will prevent any ejaculate from leaving your body, and you should be able to gain an erection fairly quickly afterward, without being overly sensitive. In fact, you may have no refractory period at all. Just keep stimulating your penis to keep it hard and to get your body used to keeping an erection between orgasms.

The next orgasm will not be as easy as the first, but if you need you can do it a couple of times until you've released enough energy that you can keep sex going for a long time - without having ejaculated at any point, but having had an orgasm each time.

A benefit of this method - aside from being able to have sex for longer - is that the orgasms tend to be a lot stronger, due to the pressure on the prostate during orgasm. A negative is that some people have raised concerns it may have a negative impact on prostate health or that you end up teaching your body to only ejaculate inward.
I know a lot of people use this method regardless and have no problems, but I would still urge you to make up with yourself whether the risk is worth the reward.

Also, finding the exact spot may take a bit of practice. If you push the wrong spot, too close to the testicles, you will be squeezing the urethra instead of the prostate and it may feel more painful than pleasurable. The ejaculate will also land in your bladder rather than be stopped in its tracks.
If you push too close to your anus, you'll just not see much effect at all and ejaculate as you always have.

One way of locating the spot is to get erect and then press up in the meaty area. When you find the spot that makes your penis bob up also engorge - without any kind of pain, you've found it. You can try to work your way backwards from your testicles until you no longer feel you're squeezing the urethra. It's about midways :)

Experiment with how many fingers you need. Typically a beginner should probably use two fingers. Not going across, but rather following the length of the meaty area. So one finger closer to testicles and other closer to anus. Index and middle finger usually work well.


As a side note, some people will massage the spot while keeping penis erect to cause precum to start leaking. It's even possible to massage the spot enough that you can reach orgasm, though usually this is done through the rectum. This massage is also very different from the firm pressure you need in order to stop the ejaculate from leaving your body.

I suggest you think it over and report back here if you decide to try it. I'm interested in how it works out for you. I don't suffer from premature ejaculation as severely as you do, but this method helped me in the past before I gained more control over my orgasms through kegels.

Kegels take more work and are not an instant payoff, but can be more rewarding if you stick with it. Look them up if you're interested. At least now you have a quick fix. :)

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