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After having very bad sex experience (loss of erection after insertion) for First couple of times. I finally managed to get an erection properly while having sex.

We had sex in Missionary and Doggy style position. We both felt very great in both the positions (my girl felt very good in doggy position).

We had sex for long time (almost over 30 minutes), She got couple of orgasms and she asked me to stop. But I was not able to get an orgasm somehow. I had to masturbate myself to reach an orgasm.

Why is this happened? We had a good foreplay and oral too before sex. But I couldn't reach orgasm properly.

Another problem is, sometimes she feels pains on outer skin of her vagina while inserting my penis inside her vagine. She gets irritated when she gets pains on outer skin. How can I insert my penis inside her vagina so gently? It's hard to control myself while having sex.

Another query I would like to ask, will fast movement of penis (in-out) will cause condom breakdown. I am asking this because, I experienced condom break on first sex. I tried Rough sex that time. Since then, I always get worried about condom break, that forces me to PAUSE and see if condom is alright :( and that sucks..

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