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Hard, string-like...thing under skin of penis. HELP!? I have this weird thing happening with my penis. I noticed it before, but a lot more today because I actually really took a look at it. If I pull back my foreskin (I'm uncircumcised) a bump-like thing would stick out in between the foreskin and the head of my penis, and you can feel it when you touch it - it's slightly harder than the rest of the penis when flaccid. I pulled my foreskin back as far as I could, and I discovered that this is actually a white, hard line that's like string or a chord or something, right underneath the skin but on top of the actual penis tissue. It goes along the top of the shaft about an inch, almost to the beginning of the head, and then kind of twists down and (after trying to feel as deeply as I could) I discovered that it seems to go either deeper down in the skin tissue or almost straight into the penis tissue. Like I said, when pulled back tight it comes up as a white chord taut against the underside of the tissue, under a very fine layer of skin. I KNOW it's not a vein; all the other veins are blue or purple coloured, and none are as hard. The veins feel completely structureless, and I can push into them completely, even when erect, without any resistance. The string, however, actually feels like a piece of string or chord, is hard, and structured, and definitely not a vein. I tried squeezing it to see if I experienced discomfort, but I felt none more than if I squeezed another spot in the same area. However, I squeezed one part of it, and I actually felt a section 'pop.' It was disgusting, and I got really freaked out. Strangely, I felt no pain; this means that either it's a foreign body completely, or it has no nerve endings whatsoever. Does it hurt when you pop a vein? I would think so... Anyways, this is really bothering me. It's disgusting, it feels awful because when it is erect you can feel it, even under the foreskin, like a hard string. It feels completely out of place, but I think I've had this for a while now, possibly years. I remember doing exercises to stretch my foreskin, as it used to be really tight and I had to stretch it out over a period of several years to allow normal foreskin retraction. Sometimes if I stretch the foreskin really far back, it felt like the string thing got caught under it when it was pulled back over, and I could feel it if I felt my penis while it was hard. However, I may simply be mistaking this for the hard foreskin ring that is around the head and is stretched when the foreskin is pulled back. I believe I have since stretched this 'ring' to the point that it no longer feels very tough or stringy, and is barely noticeable or not at all when erect. This white string thing may or may not be a recent development, but I really noticed it recently. Please, what could this be? It feels and looks disgusting when the foreskin is pulled back (it sticks out from under the edge of the foreskin, before the head, and you can feel it distinctly.). Is it some sort of worm? A disease? A common ailment? Could it be a lymphatic tube? Did popping it cause any lasting damage to it or myself? Please answer my questions, this is really freaking me out at this point.

Update: It has started to branch off onto either side of the shaft, right before the head. Kind of rules out the worm idea. But still, answers would be very helpful!

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