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Hi everyone,

I am happy to be joining the site. Hopefully, I will get to participate in fruitful conversations in the near future.

During the past two or three years or so, I have been having some erectile problems. It is a little difficult to talk about my sexual problems but I guess it is necessary.

During my teenage years, I was fairly dependent on watching Internet pornography. I stopped watching pornography altogether when I was 18. I resumed in 2009, at age 22. Since then, I have been having erectile problems.

At the beginning, when I started over again, I was getting excited easily. From ages 18 to 22 I had spent my time working on my personal religious conversion and thus, lived a life of chastity and shied away from romantic contact with women. At age 22, I realized that this was no longer working for me so I resorted back to my worldly ways, and yes, also to watching Internet pornography.

Now, I have no problem with pornography. I love it, I love sex, I love women. At the beginning, as I said, I was getting powerfully aroused while watching pornography as well as having strong, lasting erections. Lately, this has not really been the case. I am now aged 25, weighing 170 lbs, 5'10, slender and have recently lost 20 lbs in the past four months. But apparently, although I still love pornography, I have a problem getting an erection and most of all, maintaining it. Many times, in order to get an erection but also maintain it, I have to manually rub my penis in order to get it firm and erect. This is a problem I hadn't had to deal with three years ago. I have tried and have successfully curbed my usage of pornography in the past to see if this would improve my sexual performance and stamina by achieving firmer and longer lasting erections, but this hasn't really made a significant difference when I masturbate. But I do find that not watching pornography for a long period of days does make me last longer in some instances when I masturbate.

Now, I have had a bout with depression that lasted about a year and a half, mainly from the end of 2009 to the middle of 2011. As of now, I am very healthy, I am off my anti-depressants and things are getting better. However, I can't help but think that this has somehow affected my sexual health.

I had my first sexual intercourse in 2009. It went well, although it did not last more than say, 6 minutes. I had a better experience with the same girl, and it lasted between 45 minutes to an hour, but I was heavily under the influence of alcohol. In general, I have found that I don't have a lot of stamina. I have experimented with male performance enhancements. I used Libido Max for men multiple times and found that it helped increase my heart rate, increase blood flow to my penis, actually make it larger but also make my erections firmer. But I found that in some instances, the pleasure experienced was very intense although intercourse was not very long not past 10 or at most, 15 minutes.

In any case, I am worried that my usage of pornography might be getting me sexually and visually overstimulated and that I might have reached the point of saturation when arousal is concerned. I masturbate about three times a week, and when I do, sometimes twice during the same day. I have found that I can make ejaculation come about within 3 to 5 minutes although with experience, I have become quite good at delaying it and making my erection last longer when I masturbate.

Now, make no mistake, I have not lost the attraction to every day women. In fact, I find that when I am the object of female attraction, or when I am receiving romantic or sexual attention from women I get aroused and I am able to sustain firm, long-lasting erections.

My main fear is that my continued usage of pornography might affect my ability to get aroused as well as my ability to perform sexually for a certain period of time. I haven't been sexually active for the past year but by the looks of things, I am steadily getting to the point of sexual intimacy with a young woman. Judging by my past history, I don't have a lot of stamina when having sex. And I fear that with my recent sexual troubles, I might have even less.

My main issue to resolve is how to be able to last longer and achieve firmer erections during intercourse, for at least say, 30 minutes.

I am considering using Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Does anyone have any recommendations on any of these enhancers?

I am sorry if this is extremely long. I would appreciate if anyone would write me back.

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