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I lost my virginity! on 28th may 2012.

HOWEVER, a week before, the same thing happened, we were about to have sex and i couldnt maintain an erection, my confidence was at its lowest point and i felt like cr*p.

But then it happened a week later!
Basically, I took Dakubeaners advice and bought different condoms. I then used the spare condoms that didnt work for me keeping an erection the first time, to practice putting on, with my foreskin at different levels (e.g. rolled forward, rolled a bit back etc) and i realised its best if my foreskin was NOT contracted when the condoms on (pull forward) Because, this allowed me to masturbate with my foreskin not moving, which felt nice.

Then, at my house, my gf suggested sex, i was nervous, but stayed calm. I got the condom on, and noticed it started going flaccid, which i thought "here we go again!" but we managed to get past that and we had sex! :O

The condom i used was dotted.

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