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Erection Problems
Nov 1, 2002
About two years ago i tried to have sex with my girlfriend and i could not get an erection. I am in some therapy right now and i understand why it did not happen that time, and yet it still haunts me to this day eventhough i understand that now i am in a totally different situation with a new girl. I have come to find out that i keep thinking about if i have an erection or not when i am fooling around with her because i want to know if i would be ready to have sex at that time if she wanted to. It makes me lose my erection. First of all does any one have any suggestions on how to keep your mind off of whether you get an erection or not. Also, i actually have had sex one other time and in that case i asked the girl to give me a little bit of oral sex before hand so i could get into the condom and it worked,but it was only a one night stand so i could not try it again. She didnt seem to mind, but would any of you girls think it was weird if i a guy asked for a little oral sex before intercourse? Those are my main two questions, but i would also love to hear any other advice anyone can offer concerining the situation and i would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks you

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