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i'm just about losing my virginity. And i feel down because of the foreskin. When erected a lot of skin collects at the head. You know i've tried a condom on and well tried to masturbate. The thing that brought me down was that the foreskin moved back on the head just in a couple of frictions. So i can suppose it will do the same way when it all goes to business. i can't say for sure but i think it's not normal. Someone please help! i don't wanna make my girl wait!!

Thank you
thanks for the answer

i'm 17. You mean it's normal for the foreskin to move on the head and back there while sex? so how would it go with condom on?? i don't think it'll be as it's supposed to.

The forekin should move back and forth during sex. That is how it helps with lubrication during sex. I'll let Lance or other intact guys explain in detail about using a condom but I know it's possible to pull the foreskin back, roll the condom over the head thenroll the skin forward within a fold of the condom somehow. This preserves the normal sliding of the foreskin. Use a drop of water based lube inside the condom to make it work better.
Henry could have stretched his foreskin and avoided a circumcision but, if it's the same Henry, was keen on getting cut anyway.
thanks again

i say i've tried a condom on and in a couple of frictions foreskin moved on the head and never got itself's like for the foreskin it's easier to get on the head than go back.and you know i can't get it far away from the head's like a skinring connected to the head that doesn't let it go.i've heard that it could be stretched, but i think it will rather tear than stretch.

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