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Re: Uncut question
Dec 5, 2002
Relax, the problem you are experiencing is very common in uncut guys.

First, a little anatomy: at the tip of the foreskin is a ring of flesh that is tighter than the rest of the foreskin - this is called the frenar band, and its supposed to keep the foreskin pulled forward when the penis is not erect, so its doing its job and covering the glans. It also helps keep the foreskin back behind the head slightly when erect so the glans is exposed.

On the underside of the penis, attached to the foreskin is a strip of skin called the frenulum that acts as a tether to help keep the foreskin forward covering the head when not erect.

Now both the frenar band and the frenulum are supposed to be elastic and stretchy so they allow the foreskin to slide back and forth to expose the head completely while soft or erect. Sometimes, one or both of these get tight and not as elastic as they should be, preventing the foreskin from moving back.

Severe tightness of the frenar band where the foreskin can't move back at all is called phimosis. Some phimosis can be treated with stretching and steroidal cream prescriptions, while others may require circumcision if it doesn't respond to treatment or stretching.

Try stretching exercises first: Take a hot bath, and try pulling the foreskin back as far as it will go, stopping when you get pain. Don't force it! Hold it there for several minutes, and do this several times. Do this daily for several months, and you should notice the foreskin gradually moving back further and further without pain, and it becomes more elastic. If its not moving back at all, try inserting one or more fingers into the opening of the foreskin at the tip, and gradually work the opening (frenar band) wider with your fingers, then try retracting.

Hope this helps.
Re: Uncut question
Dec 6, 2002
First thanks a lot Focus!! That is exactly what is happening with me! Thanks for clarifying. Yes my frenar band is EXTREMELY tight. The band of tissue connecting my foreskin and frenulum is tight as well. I think I have phimosis.....why me?!! I am so depressed I just want a normal penis.


I can't retract it much. Barely actually. I have no discomfort though when masturbating. But honestly my foreskin is so tight I think my penis, when it gets erect, wants to push out more but because the opening of the foreskin is tight it cannot. Honestly I wonder how long my penis really is (sorry I know that sounds funny but I really am curious).

I am trying to stretch it in the shower but the problem is that it is slippery and it is difficult to get my fingers inside, let alone hold it there for a few minutes.

I'm considering getting that steroid cream. I'm scared I will tear that band of tissue connecting my foreskin to the head.

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