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I'm 28 and have only had one sexual partner. This is my current girlfriend. We have been having sex since December of 2011. I noticed one time early on after having sex with her that a small, red bump appeared on the underside of my foreskin where the foreskin attaches to the head of the penis. It hurt to touch and impeded sexual activity for a few days, but some Neosporin made it better after a few days. Since then I haven't had any issues. Until yesterday that is.

I had vaginal intercourse with my girlfriend last night, and noticed some slight pain in my penis after I pulled out. She is actually finishing up antibiotics for a urinary tract infection that she had gotten a week and a half ago. The pain at first was only slightly noticeable. I went off to work and didn't think too much about it.

The pain got worse at work, so I went to the bathroom to check it out. I noticed the foreskin was really painful to retract, though still possible. I noticed the bump where the foreskin attaches to the head, on the underside of the shaft, was bigger than it normally is (I never got it checked out originally and it's been there since I first got it). It was painful to touch. Also noticed some skin that had peeled off of the frontal part of my penises head that were painful to touch as well. It hurts just as much, if not more, to replace the foreskin back over the head of the penis.

I tried putting some cortizone on it today, but not sure if it will help. Should I be using some anti-fungual cream, such as Monistat on it? I've read somewhere that this might be a yeast infection, either from a diet high in carbohydrates, or possibly contracted from my girlfriend due to her being on antibiotics. Going to hopefully get it looked at in the next few days, but I need some advice on best ways to reduce the inflammation/swelling/pain. I've also read that diaper rash cream will help. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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