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Well I posted here before about my tight foreskin. I've been trying to stretch my foreskin back for a while now, but it is not responding...even with the use of steroid creams. It can retract a little, but not much. I went to see a specialist and he said I have phimosis. It's pretty severe tightness of the frenar band. It's very very very tight the tip of the foreskin is like kite string. There is this thin band that is just so tight (yet so thin) sometimes I think I am going to cut my hand because it is like a wire. Also my frenulum is attached to the head (it too is super tight) so it is unable to retract as well.

I have no problem with masturbation whatsoever, but I have never seen my unexposed penis EVER! If circumcision is the only choice than so be it. I just want to see how my penis looks really.

I'm looking into partial circumcision, but regardless, I'll be circumsized one way or another.

So what are the benefits of circumcision? Once I get used to things I'll be able to last longer no? I suppose cleaning would be easier as well.

Do you guys think I will suffer any loss of "sex drive" after I get circumsized? What are the negatives?

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