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It's not surprising to see the number of responses that suggest the use of drugs to solve the problem. What happens if you go off the drugs? Right back where you started... DO you really want to rely on drugs the rest of your life to enjoy sex? This route of instant gratification is not the best one in my opinion. To each his own, however.

I dealt with PE all of my life.. I no longer deal with it and it has changed my life.. The key to getting over it is retraining your mind to not expect ejaculation (pleasure) so soon after sex/intercourse has begun. Men get to excited over the anticipation of orgasm. They are accustomed to having the orgasm quickly due to mens masturbation practices.. You simply need to train your brain/penis to last longer than you are used to or you need to provide some negative reinforcements at the time you feel the urge to ejaculate.

Here are some natural routes.. Use them alone or in combination and you should see changes pretty quick. Don't expect a solution in 2 days or even a week for that matter. Give it a month and once you're there, you likely won't have to deal with it again.

The best way: Have sex more than once a day.. Do it 4-5 times or if only a couple times per day, do it back to back.. Do it til you're sore... Train your penis for a marathon. This is how porn stars do it.. All they ever do is have sex... and their job requires they can hold off/stay hard for long periods of time.

Stop/Start, etc: Just as posted above.. Masturbate and bring yourself close to orgasm, then stop. A good thing to do at the stop point is kegel about 20 times. Regain your erection, masturbate again until close to orgasm and stop. Repeat several times for say 30 minutes or so.. Important.. Do not finish off by ejaculating. Do this daily, or atleast every other day and don't finish off by ejaculating. Yes, it is tough.. but refrain.

Kegel exercises: Kegels involve the flexing of the PC muscle between your balls and anus.. It is the muscle you use to cut off urine flow. It needs to be strong if you are to benefit from it. Flex it.. Do alot of them.. Work up to 300 a day and do them everyday. They are tough in the beginning. Eventually, via the strength of your PC muscle and PRACTICE, you will be able to voluntarily control your ejaculation. There is alot of info out there regarding multiple male orgasms.. Kegels are the starting point. The idea is that when you feel you are going to ejaculate, you do a really strong and prolonged flex until the feeling subsides. Takes practice, but all worthwhile things do. I would recommend doing these regardless for penile health.

Slap: When you are having sex and begin feeling the urge to *** , pull out and slap your glans (head) up against your partners; thigh, bum, cheeks, your hand, etc. This redirects pleasureable nerve impulses.. You may have to do several in a session. MOre of a temporary solution.

The Bend: Be careful with this one.. Make sure you are really hard. Masturbate until you get close to ejaculation... When you feel the urge to ejaculate or the muscles beginning to contract, gently press your penis downward toward the ground/between your legs and hold it there until the contractions stop. Do it gently as to not break anything.. After a few goes, you will get the hang of this.. You probably will only be able to do this once per session. It's best to do the bend a little before you feel contractions.

Acupuncture: Have no direct experience with this,but have heard read that it can be successful, although expensive..

Negative Visual Stimuli: While having sex, think of something relatively unpleasant.. think about changing the oil in your car, digging a ditch or wallpapering the kitchen. Don't tell your significant you're thinking of this stuff. It does help and eventually you can think about the task at hand.

Penis Exercises: You know the ones that help make your dick bigger? Been doing this for a while now and have run across a few benefits.. One, I get mega hard erections. Two, my dick is getting longer and fatter. Three, I can have more frequent erections and more forceful ejaculations. Four, I am increasing the overall health of my penis to avoid alot of the problems men experience later in life. and finally, it his helped me with PE.

Extend foreplay: Simple.. Make foreplay last 45 minutes... Have your significant stroke you gently and backing off when you get close.. When you get head, make it slow and soft..til you get more used to it. The key is extending the sessions beyond your normal climactical expectations or the "2 minute" mark.
Also: WHen the woman/man is on top, men have more control. Any position where the mens hips are thrusted forward will cause him to ejaculate more quickly. Same goes for women by the way.. so use that to your advantage.. So, women go on top. Also, when the woman is on top, have her go slow.. With little in/out movement. Stay deep, but maybe have her/him wiggle a bit,just enough to keep you at that "edge". Get used to it and have her/him work up thru longer and longer thrusts.

Thick condom... Use a really thick condom to start and then graduate to thin. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of practice/thrusting before you go thinner.

Masturbate before having sex.. Maybe an hour or two. This is just like the first one, but solo and not as fun.

Oh, and I just have to say... In my experience, the pinch method is a waste of time.. Really not as

These are what I had found thru exhaustive internet searches and message boards... Feel free to add to the list.

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