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GW.... This is kinda long, bare with me. There are a few possible options:

1. Stop/Start... Masturbate or have sex until you feel the urge to orgasm... Right before you do, stop masturbating/having sex until the feeling subsides. Do not let yourself ejaculate. Takes practice in learning what the point of no return is. Do this as an exercise and do so several times within a session.

2. Kegel Exercises.. Takes commitment. Flex the kegel muscle by working up to 300-500 flexes, 3-4 times per week. It is also highly beneficial to practice holding the flex for long periods of time. A flex feels like when you are urinating and can cut off the flow of urine. The first time you do these you may only be able to do 50. Work up to the larger numbers. When your PC is strong enough and with practice...right before you feel the need to ejaculate you will do a strong PC flex and hold for as long as you can until that feeling subsides. You will need to stop sex/masturbating as you do this. As you become better practiced, it has been known to help men achieve multiple orgasms. You can also combine the stop/start with the kegel exercises... Kegel a few times, say like 50.. once you feel the need to ejaculate until your erection begins to subside. Regain your erection and start again..

3. This worked for me and was quick.. Masturbate with a very hard erection until you are just about to cum.. at that moment you GENTLY, but quickly push your penis down and between your legs until the feeling of ejaculation subsides...(called injaculation) You have to be very gentle with this exercise. You feel the muscle contractions, but do not want anything to come out. You really want to avoid feeling pleasure. As soon as the contractions cease, you can let go. Do it once a day, maybe 2 times, but listen to your dick, don't go overboard where you are feeling pain. You will see how this works.. A little pain in the ligs is okay. I was able to go longer after simply doing this for a couple of weeks.

4. While having sex, think about something other than what you are doing.. Think about being underneath your car doing an oil change, diggin a 10 ft ditch or some other unpleasant activity.. Consume yourself in these thoughts while in the act. Don't let the act intrude into these thoughts or your done. Over time as things improve, you can let go of these thoughts and enjoy what is actually happening.

The above are used to retrain your mind to not anticipate orgasm.. Men are focused on the orgasm, so much so it consumes their every thought while in the act. Your neurons are trained a particular way based on your sexual experiences.. These simply retrain your neurons. Also they help take your mind off the pressure you are feeling to last longer and perform a certain way. These train your mind/body that ejaculation doesn't always have to happen so quickly. The elimination or decrease of anticipation is the very reason you are able to last a little longer after first ejaculation. You have already ejaculated, your mind/body is relaxed (very key)and subconsciously you could probably care less whether you cum again or not. See how it all works?

As well, it always helps to prolong foreplay..At first maybe 30-40 minutes or whatever it takes. Foreplay is great..not just for the ladies. Let your partner touch you slowly and softly.. A very lite and delicate blowjob...? When you get a little to turned on, have your partner stop.. Then start again when you feel in control. Jumping right into the act only re-inforces mens' desire for a quick orgasm, whether conscious or sub-conscious. Based on experience, Your mind/body expects ejaculation at a certain time once you begin to have sex.. Prolonging foreplay beyond this time helps you train your mind/body that ejaculation doesn't have to happen at the expected time. Sorry if I am being redundant.

Finally, I have heard that acupressure is very helpful although expensive. Yeah, they stick needles in your dick and thereabouts, but after about 4-5 sessions at approx. $60/ea., things should get better. If you have good medical insurance, it can even be covered. I know of one person who tried this who suffered from premature ejaculation all his life where it affected his self-esteem dramatically. It helped him. I have not gotten a report however 6 months after the fact.

I have read alot about this and spent the time posting because I know what it's like to go thru this and it sucks... and it sucks if you have to go a very, very long time without resolution like alot of men. This is really a huge problem for men, I don't think it is discussed enough. We absolutely do not have to live with it..

We all want to please our partners like no other and it can be devastating to our ego/self-esteems if we can't. Although we may sometimes appear selfish in our sexual pursuits, at closer observation you can see most really are not. That's why we all want bigger penises.. Most of the men I know want nothing more than to give their partners the best freaking orgasms possible and lots of 'em, as much as they can stand... We want to hear 'em scream... I know I do.

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