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Ok, here it goes, I'm uncut and I can slide the foreskin down a little bit below the head of the penis.....If i try going any lower I just can't get it down because of the frenulum..... I've read and supposedly everything is fine if the head of the penis is uncovered..... My question comes from the part above, I'VE had sex with condoms and everything was right, but now that im going to have sex with no condoms I'm scared that my penis is going to hurt, the head of my penis is sensible not much but in a way it is,I masturbate regularly but I never got used to only touching the head while masturbating I will always masturbate with the foreskin in there and not by pulling it all the way behind the head.....

Im scared that when I have sex without a condom that in some way or another will hurt me, any tips or something that might point out what will happen to me in that first time.....
Thanks everyone
So when you had sex with a condom, did you pull the foreskin back and then put on the condom?? If not you were supposed to.

Either way, I would suggest you get some good lube and start masturbating "with the skin pulled back" so that you get some contact with the head. Contact and exposure is the only way you are going to reduce the sensitivity of the head.

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