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[quote]Originally posted by MrNice:
[b]From what I have read the release of semen as a result of the "milking" is literally a flow rather than an ejaculation. I also read that there isnt a sensation of release similar to orgasm and ejaculation. The result however is that much more semen is released than in a normal ejaculation. I've also read that it can take upwards of 60 minutes to achieve a full "milking." The question to any of you have tried it...are those comments correct?[/b][/quote]

Well, I've done prostate milking several times using a prostate massager called the Aneros. The semen does just flow out without any release sensation, just as you said. If you bring yourself to orgasm through normal masturbation while stimulating the prostate, the ejaculation is larger than normal and the orgasm is a bit more intense and longer lasting. But I don't consider that milking - that's masturbation with prostate stimulation.

Milking the prostate produces quite a bit of prostate fluid that looks just like regular semen, but no where near the volume as a regular ejaculation from orgasm. It feels good to milk the prostate, but not nearly as good as a regular orgasm. Although I've heard some people can achieve orgasm from just prostate massage, but I can't.

I've kind of stopped milking my prostate, as the last time I tried it I noticed a little bit of blood in the prostate fluid that dripped out, and it scared the hell out of me. I think I was pushing too hard with the Aneros device.

In my opinion, prostate milking is totally unneccessary - just masturbate to orgasm like normal, and you'll accomplish all the benefits of prostate milking with more pleasure and less problems or mess.

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