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Foreskin problem?
Sep 2, 2003

I'm a guy in my early 20's and my sexual experience is somewhat limited. I have a problem with my foreskin, i think.

My foreskin is long(ish). The bottom of the head of my penis doesnt show at all. I have no problem retracting my foreskin when i'm limp but when i'm erect its more uncomfortable.

When i masturbate i dont retract my foreskin i just leave it over the head. However, when im fooling around with a girl the liquids released during foreplay cause my foreskin to retract. When i put a condom on my penis de-sensitizes and i have great difficulty ejaculating( often i dont at all). Can i put a condom on over the foreskin?

I think my frenelum may be tight but I may be trying to shoehorn myself into having a certain condition. The foreskin rests just behind the head when erect. Could tight foreskin be cutting off the blood to the head? I'm really only speculating. I also thought i might be masturbating to much and had become too used to my own touch?

Has anyone else had this problem? Or something similar? More importantly has anyone overcome this? Would stretching work? I'm not sure how best to do that either!

I would really appreciate any support/advice. My doctor is the last place i want to go but i will if i have to.

Thank You,

I'm a little confused. You say you can retract the foreskin when erect, but are asking if you can put the condom on over the foreskin. Are you saying that you want to leave the head covered and then put the condom on?

You say having the foreskin back when erect is uncomfortable. It seems that you should work on stretching it out some more. There are discussions in the Mens Health & Anatomy board about this.

As far as sensitivity, perhaps you have become too accustomed to having an orgasm by using your hand only. Refrain from masturbating and see if that helps.
Hey pianmhar.

From what you have said, I do not think you have a problem with your foreskin.

I find that condoms de-sensitise the head of my penis during sex, too, but have not had "great difficulty ejaculating" wearing a condom. In fact, this desensitising effect of the condom has probably allowed me to last longer. You should [b]not[/b] put a condom on over an unretracted foreskin.

I don't think your frenulum is too tight, particularly if your foreskin retracts automatically during foreplay. My foreskin rests just behind the head when my penis is erect, too, so I'm sure your foreskin is not cutting off blood supply to the head.

Perhaps you are a bit too anxious about this. I know it's easy for me to say, "Try to relax". However, maybe with the passage of time, when you've had more experience, and when you feel more comfortable, things will improve.

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