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Hello, this is my first post.

I am a mid-twenties male in good health, frequently excercise, eat healthly etc.

I have been sexually abstaining for a year now.

I have been noticing some strange variations in my semen. For the six months or so, I have reduced the frequency of masterbation from an every day or almost everyday thing down to once every week or week and a half.

When I do ejaculate, it is thick, it is milky and white on the first squirt, but then the rest just dribbles out and it has a yellowish-white tint and it is made up of reqular semen and a bunch of little things that look like jelly-fish! Also, if I let this stuff dry on my skin, it turns into something very sticky, like the uncooked white of an egg when it dries on the stove (just trying to be very specific here)

My semen used to be white and milky and it used to shoot with some force behind it and I need to know what the cause is for the change in constistancy. This first happened about two years ago, and it was painful at first upon ejaculating, but then it went away for a year or so, and now over the past 5 months it has been back. There is no pain anymore, I just don't feel the full pleasure of having a forceful ejaculation like before.

I am trying to overcome the masterbation habit, but it is very hard because I keep wanting to "check" my semen to see if its back to normal. Its like if you had a lump on your skin, you'd check it everyday to see if its changed, well, there is only one way to check semen that I know of, and I really want to stop, so you can see the problem this is creating.

Please be honest with me and help me to find out some answers about this condition.

God Bless,

Okay, I wanted to reply to this yesterday, but thought it best to let some of the more knowledgeable guys answer first.

Lance, that yellow jelly-like substance cannot be strictly sperm. I am completely sterile (no identifiable sperm at all) and my ejaculate sometimes does include these yellow/clearish jelly-like blobs. It varies. Today I just masturbated for the first time in 9 days (a [i]loooong[/i] time indeed) and today's semen was a healthy white and sticky mess. Smelled nice too, lol.

Even so, there are often times I do have jelly-like stuff in my semen. It does not hurt coming out, but does feel different than the smooth flow of regular semen. I don't tend to "shoot" it either - it usually comes out in a slow, steady flow. It kind of looks like runny, gelatinous, (raw) scrambled eggs.

I wouldn't say this is a "condition" of any kind, stellaplaya. It's probably normal. These little jelly bits don't seem to liquify either. I might have a shower after masturbating and still find one of the stubborn little guys clinging to my pubic hairs.

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