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have you tried the more typical courses of action for a tight foreskin, like daily stretching, or betamethasone cream, or both?
There is no way that a laser is going to be able to loosen the frenar band, and not risk taking off part of your glans.
Have you thought about a dorsal slit? If you haven't, you may want to discuss this possibility with your urologist.

A dorsal slit is a tiny incision made in the foreskin lengthwise at the frenar band that helps widen and loosen it, just enough so it can retract comfortably. It sometimes can be a good alternative to circumcision.
You absolutely do not need a circumcision.
You need to start daily stretching, by putting your little fingers in the foreskin opening, and gently pulling them apart. Hold them for as long as you can. Do it several times a day. It works within 6-8 weeks for about 99% of all men. If it fails, go to the doctor and get betamethasone cream. It's a steroid which can help to loosen a tight frenar band. Used in conjunction with the stretching exercise, it works in about 6-8 weeks, for the other 1% that stretching alone doesn't work for.
Don't let anyone try and talk you out of your foreskin.
When they work well, the sensation is exquisite.

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