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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm here to post about a very recent problem I've been having that's been making me quite nervous.
Apologies if this is long- I'm known for not being very concise.

A few days ago, I started having irritation at the very tip of my penis under the hole. It was a bit red and may have been a little sore, possibly tender and abnormally wrinkly (I think). It burned a little just after I would finish peeing. Around the same time, the inside of my urethra has been a bit tingly, and for lack of a better word I'll say there was an itchy kind of irritation.
It's only been 2 days and it hasn't been all that bad other than the unbelievable anxiety I'm having. Today, I am sick.. most likely with some kind of cold (will continue with that part later). Right now, it seems that these (related or unrelated) issues have only two possible causes.

The first,
About 2-3 weeks ago I had sex with a girl. And very briefly, I inserted my penis without protection. After about 15 or so seconds, I stopped and grabbed a condom. (I also gave her oral, and have had no problems in my oral region so far).

The second,
About a week afterwards, I started getting a bit more aggressive durring masturbation. And recently, I went much more aggressively and thoroughly than usual. It was very much tugging from the bottom (which is where the irritation starts) and possibly excessively abrasive with the tip.

Another oddity is, after all this started, my urine stream seemed to be a bit obstructed at the tip- briefly splitting urine trail.. much like after sex or masturbation. Also, last night when I was erect, it felt a bit sore.
Now, the under part of the tip is looking a bit more normal (less red and slightly wrinkly) and there have been no other symptoms.
However, I'm currently sick. I've read that in many cases of STIs, urethral irritation occurs simultaneously with times of low immunity.

Other than something sexually transmitted, I feel like it could either be that I injured the tip as well as my urethra and thats how it feels when they are healing... or I have some sort of thrush or infection because of an injury due to masturbation and I guess due to not taking proper hygiene afterwards.

I'm scheduled to get tested in a few days, but I really wanted to see what people thought, and if they've heard of or been through similar situations.

Anyway, hope everyone's well.

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