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Oct 27, 2003
hello, I can finally retract my foreskin behind the glan when erect, but my foreskin and frenar band are a little tight still. I have heard from another board message that sometimes guys just have "semi-tight" foreskin and it is okay. (does anyone else have this?)Like I have seen other uncircumcised penises, and when they retract, it is SO easy, maybe they werew able to to expand their frenar band a lot more than me.
if anyone else has similiar problem, let me know

Anyways, now that i can see my glan when I pull over the foreskin, my glan is very sensitive(of course, since it has been hdden the whole time), but I wanted to know if there were anyways to lessen the sensitivity, like dull it down a bit. Don't get me wrong, its good to have the sensitivity on my glan, but i mean, mine is super sensitive and I know that will not be good during sex..i am sure i will NOT last long during sex and that's not know..

well if anyone has ideas or techniques, let me know

- aYO

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