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Do you notice that because he is uncircumcised there is less friction (including with condoms)? If he has foreskin, he should be able to wear the condom such that it surrounds his foreskin completely and his foreskin is still completely mobile. If you're not wearing the condom like that, I'd try that. Put the condom on with foreskin retracted, then pull the foreskin forward as far as it goes and pull the condom down the few inches that it pulled up uncovered at the base.

If you're already positioning the condom like that, it might keep rolling back down because it's inside out or because there's too much spit/lube on his penis when putting the condom on. It should cling tightly at the base to keep it anchored on. Also maybe you could stand to use more lube on the condom itself so that it doesn't pull as much from friction with you. This would cut down on chafing or any uncomfortableness too.

About your conflicting allergies, I don't know what there is besides polyisoprene and latex. There used to be sheepskin, but they were found to not protect from all viruses as I recall.

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