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I'm currently living abroad. After one night of sleeping with a girl due to having far too much drink, I started experiencing symptoms of: 1) irritation in tip of penis (especially when rubbing up against any fabric while walking--prob the biggest problem for me) 2) Changing of temperature in testes (not simply because of weather) 3) A feeling of build up in the upper part of the shaft 4) discharge--clear and white like sperm (though I'm unsure if this has to do with not regularly masturbating and its the overflow--still, it happens often and it never happened before this girl) 5) for the first two months my sex drive was significantly lower 6) Low sperm count

Its been 6 months now. The symptoms began a week after. From the get go, I've been getting test after test done. First I went to a clinic to get tested for the regular STD's Clym & Ghon, etc, but I tested negative. I went for two urine tests there. Decided the doctor didn't really care, went to another. He gave me a urine and blood test. Notta. Still was experiencing symptoms, so I went to a urologist. I spent over two months seeing him once or twice a week... getting specialized tests. I was being put on antibiotics, too. I got one sperm test, they said to have found staph in it and gave me meds. Anyway, after 3-4 weeks of those meds, I was still experiencing symptoms. For the past month 1/2 I've been going to a University hospital to get tests. Had a sperm test and my count was quite low. Then I tried masturbating after taking the meds he prescribed, and there seemed to be an increase in the amount, and symptoms seemed to be decreasing. However, they returned. So I got a prostate massage (brutal) and they tested what came out with a follow up urine test. Clear! He said it was a bacteria infection probably that just went away and that I'm almost healed. Anyway, I've been feeling better until the other day I decided to masturbate, and all day yesterday there was just a lot of discomfort at the tip of my penis and my testes felt a lil' swollen. I'm just curious if anyone can identify what it might have been. It gets to me. The only time I'm usually not conscious of the irritation at my tip is when I'm playing sports or doing something active.

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