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So I am 26 years old fit male. While in college from ages 19-23 I casually experimented with steroids. Mostly testosterone, tren, and deca (once). I never really did a complete Post cycle. I tried hcg and nolvadex but im not sure if I did it correctly. My libido is no where to be found. I can still get it up but I lose it fast. My focus is also not there. The blood flow isnt as strong and neither is ejaculation. My sperm isnt has thick as before. My left testicle is smaller much smaller then my right. The left doesnt seem to hang as much as left but neither hang as much as before. I have no morning wood anymore. I also do not get any erection off visual. I got a blood work done hoping to find out anwsers so I am going to share them with this board hoping for some professional input. My doctor says im okay and normal but I do not think he cares much and kind of rushed me through the process. Here are test results.

Prolactin serum was 10.13 ng/ml. Normal range males 2.1-17.7
C2 was 2.0 mg/dl. Normal range 1.6-3.5
Tsh-3 was 1.94. Normal range 0.55-4.78 in adults
Test % free was 2.21. normal range 1.00-2.70
Test, free(calc) was 8.50 ng/dL . normal range 0.95-4.30
Test total 384.80 ng/dL. normal range 241-827
FSH, Serum was 2.76. Normal range 1.4-18.1
LH serum was 2.76. Normal range 1.5-9.3

I would really like to know any input, info, and advice on how to fix this problem.

thank you

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