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I do not frequently get erections. I only occasionally do in the morning or when I stimulate it myself. I rarely watch porn and don't feel a need to masturbate daily. I'll do it several times a week.

I was under the impression that 18 year old males typically get numerous erections during the day. I have experienced this around when I was 14 or 15. But for the last few years this hasn't been the case.

I am only bringing it up now because I am starting to become sexually active and it is holding me back big time. It's happened with three girls now, I couldn't get fully hard even when they were rubbing it.

I've heard it is often psychological for males my age, however the fact that I do not get them during the day suggests otherwise. To add to that, I am confident that I am heterosexual. I also consider myself to be a "flat-liner" , I have a relaxed demeanor, meaning I don't get stressed out often. So I don't think stress is the issue.

I usually have more trouble with erections when I am worn down. Being in university means I get less sleep than I would like and I currently am fighting a small cold. I was wondering if this could have an affect. I admit that I rarely get enough sleep. However I didn't think that my erections could be this hyper-sensitive to my sleep levels and colds.

I have also heard that it may be a problem of blood sugar, blood pressure, testosterone levels or heart trouble. I believe that I have had my blood tested about a year ago and the tests showed nothing wrong, I think my blood pressure and sugar is within the healthy limits. I do not think I have had my testosterone checked though. Maybe this is an issue? What other symptoms would point to low testosterone? Also I have had my heart looked at before, there is a small murmur, but nothing seriously wrong with it.

I am a fairly healthy guy, I try to eat well and get exercise when I can. Admittedly I am not getting enough right now, but this problem has occurred when I was exercising for 3 hours a day in the past. I do not smoke and I only drink on weekends, so I doubt these are a factor.

Another point worth mentioning is that I think my testicles are often quite warm. I wear loose boxers, but my balls always seem to be hot. I have been sleeping with out boxers lately, but I'm not sure if it's made much of a difference. I know that overheated testicles do not produce as much sperm. Could this be another cause?

I am hesitant to see a doctor for obvious reasons, so I would like to get some help online first. Right now I am leaning towards a combination of low testosterone, not enough sleep and overheated testicles. What do you guys think the problem may be, and how should I approach this going forward? It is extremely frustrating to deal with and it can be pretty embarrassing.

I appreciate the help.

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