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I am a circumcised male who is experiencing strange erectile dysfunction. My glans is receiving weird sensation during stimulation, no matter it is intercourse, oral sex or just hand stimulation. I can only reach orgasm during masturbation when I or my partner avoid to touch glans. I want to describe this feeling as accurate as possible. The feeling is similar to the sensation a man is having right after ejaculation while stimulating a glans. It feels weird and is waving and pulsing inside the body to the prostate/anus. This sensation is not painful but it's not arousing as well. Right after I start to feel it I loose my election because it has nothing to do with sexual pleasure and is annoying. I also have genital dysaesthesia which makes my glans painful during the touch however the pain can be easily reduced using lubricant or condom. I always need to have some protection layer like cloth(I enjoy stimulating the penis through the underwear, having sex in condom or being stimulated while applying lubricant or prescribed painkiller ointment. They help to reduce but not to get rid of this weird sensation.

After my circumcision the urologist warned me I would need 3-4 months for my glans to get used to new condition and desensitize. Well I get used to rubbing clothes but my penis feels numb. And during sex I feel either pain or that weird sensation.
I have a very high libido, I enjoy being touched or kissed anywhere else on my body but not my glans. I would like to have a normal sex life and this situation is very depressing for me. Thank you in advance for your help.

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