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I'm sorry this might be a little long, but I just want some clarity, I'm so frustrated right now, so bear with me.

So, I'm a 20 year old male. I started masturbating when I was five, and I still do today, in the same way, by rubbing my penis on the sheets/tee/whatever until I ejaculated. I had a circumcision that was necessary due to my foreskin being too tight and messing up my ability to urinate. Anyways, I got that done in 2011, and had my first sexual encounter at 18, about a year/halfish later. I was in bed, put the condom on, went limp. The next time I had the condom prepared ahead of time, stimulated my penis to absolute maximum hardness, slipped the condom on, and got inside. I've yet to replicate that performance of managing to have sex with a condom.

The next time we had sex, I went unprotected, and it was relatively easy for me to reach an orgasm, it went without a hitch. Well, this girl and I parted ways, and around february, I found another girl, and we had sex without a condom. She always said she "hated my dick" because it had to be constantly pleasured to get hard enough to get in. I put it off as not a big deal because she wasn't the most attractive girl. We parted ways after I had bug bites all over from staying the night (NAAASTY).

So the most recent sexual encounter I had was last night, with a new girl, and as always, the condoms wrecked my erection, and I was very embarrassed. We decided to go unprotected the next time, but I couldn't maintain an erection hard enough to penetrate (but nearly, dammit).:(
Anyways, I found it hard to get an erection at all after some dry humping, which stimulated it hard enough, but not for a long enough time.

Now I find myself unable to get an erection at all, even to usually stimulative pictures. I'm totally embarrassed, and super confused :/ could it be because of the masturbation? Or is it the circumcision or what? I do have a history of depression, and I've heard ED is psychological?

Can anyone give me some suggestions about what I could do to have this not happen in the future. It's so embarrassing that I don't even want to try, so I don't embarrass myself again... :/ thanks guys!

PS I've heard about yohimbe bark? should I give it a try?

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