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Let me start off by saying that my boyfriend is fairly young. Eight teen and in good shape. His diet is that of a normal eight teen year old boy; junk food but he doesn't over do it. He drinks alot of water and lives a pretty active lifestyle.

What I can't understand is why we're encounter the problems that we are with our sex life. No matter what we try-- excessive foreplay, different positions, slowing down or just stopping completely then picking back up, he either loses his erection or climaxes too fast, sometimes both. More recently we've attempted to use some rubber penis rings. While they do stop his from climaxing too quickly, it doesn't stop him from losing his erection. I try not to pressure him too much about the topic because I know it can lead to performance anxiety, so if I find myself unsatisfied I'll usually say we can try again later or just to stimulate me otherwise. How awkward to write that.

It's gotten to a point where i'm not sure if he's entirely attracted to me and just doesn't want to say so or if there are some other underlying psychological issues.
Hi, I am by no means an expert but thought I'd comment because Im a very healthy/active 22 year old who has been experiencing the same problems over the course of the last year. It's a really horrible situation to be have ED at a young age and occasionally PE it really just dosent make sense to me and I imagine your boyfriends just as confused by it. The main reason I felt the need to comment was because you said you were worried he wasn't attracted to you, while I cant speak for him I was recently in a relationship with my dream girl and had these problems, I was insanely attracted to her but couldnt perform as I'd like. I would imagine its a psychological issue and tbh sounds like he already might have performance anxiety. Anyway I blame excessive internet porn and masturbation from a young age for what happened with me so am trying to abstain from this completely in the future, I would suggest this to him? And as difficult as it might be you need to talk to him directly about it, but obviously try to be as sensitive as possible
Sounds like anxiety. He's definitely attracted to you, if he wasn't, it would take forever for him to ejaculate.

He needs to 1) take it slower... with experience his mind will relax, allowing him to stay hard and last longer in bed. There are exercises in Mr. Manpower's Guide that work well for harder erections and improved ejaculation control. Send him a link

and 2) make sure his strokes count, when he penetrates, tell him to push his pelvis against you.

Even if he lasts 5 minutes, as long as he strokes you right, he'll get you off. And this in of itself will reduce his anxiety, and allow him to last longer

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