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Penis and scrotum
Jan 8, 2015
First off hello and thanks in advance for any information that can help me out. I am a 25 year old male, healthy and active maybe 10 pounds over weight.

My issue is back in October i had a wild night out for a Bachlore party where i recived a lap dance from a stripper while getting the lap dance the stripper proceded to un button my pants and to grind on my penis but i still had underwear on. A few weeks later i started having frecuent urge to urinate, discarge and a raw penis tip from the discharge leakage. I was diognosed with chlamydia a week later. I did full treatment z pack for a week and another 14 days 2 pills a day of doxycycline.

After revisiting my family doctor whom i had seen 5 times throughout the treatmeant he sent me to a urologist i was then again retested and visually examined. Everything to him look normal and test also came back normal.

Its now been another month since the urologist visit and i still have a tight scrotum like it would be when your cold, i also still have a red, more then usual color to my penis and scrotum skin and when my penis is limp its smaller then before treatments, but same when erect. I also sometime but not always feel a slight pinch in my urethra and still feel that my penis head is raw sometimes but i have no discharge.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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