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Hydrocele question
Feb 4, 2015
Im a 25 year old white male 6 foot 1 235 pounds and according to my urologist i have hydrocele. He said other then the fluid build up my scrotum and testicles are healthy. My issue is when my scrotum is swollen it sometimes hurts , is that normal. Secondly they are most tight and swollen when i wake in the mornings my sack is tight as if i just got into cold water, but because the fluid they are full feeling. I work on my feet on concrete floors 10-12 hours a day 5-7 days a week. When i finally get home and get to relax about 2 hours after being off my feet my scrotum loosens up and my testicles hang lower and it seems that almost no fluid is in my sack. Is that normal canthe symtoms almost disappear by just relaxing? Or is there another issue?

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