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... like...thing under skin of penis. HELP!? ... (0 replies)
... painless bump on the shaft of my penis, in the left side. ... (1 replies)
... For awhile I've had this little bump on my penis shaft, on the front, about an inch below the head, and more on the left half of it. The bump only shows when I'm erect, and it only "comes out" when I'm really hard and excited. Sometimes it wont even come out at all. ... (3 replies)

Bump on penis
Jan 24, 2009
... when my penis is hard and I masturbate for a few minutes, ac bump forms on the top of the shaft right below the head. It is about the size of my thumb nail. If I mash on it for a few minutes it sems to go asway but then comes right back when I resume. ... (0 replies)
... I can feel two. On the side, just under the head. I am circumsized. ... (2 replies)
... Last weekend I had sex, and the next day the right side of my shaft a little below the head of my penis was swollen. I could feel some type of bump or cord like bulge. It does not hurt, has not caused any irritation in the last week, but the swelling on the right side and the lumps are still there. ... (2 replies)
... b shaped ball under the skin of my shaft. It was pretty small and I read some forums that said it would just go away so I thought nothing of it. ... (1 replies)
... it sounds like a lymphocele, which is not serious. it is a little lymph fluid under the skin. they usually fix themselves. ... (3 replies)
Sep 10, 2003
... I have a small hard bump on my shaft when I get an erection. It is under the skin and not a hair follicle. It is on the top part and close to the head of the penis. ... (2 replies)
... it could really be a zit. They can be very annoying to get rid of. I once had one underneath my shaft and it took ages to flatten it out. I had to use creams to dry it out. Just like the ones you apply when you have a zit on your face. ... (5 replies)
Bump on penis
Jun 18, 2004
... could it be a zit? Sometimes those do appear on the penis.... (3 replies)
Bump on penis
Jun 17, 2004
... i noticed a hard pump under the skin of the shaft of my penis,it apperd a few days after has become quit painfull i poped it and a white residue came out much like a zit could it be an ingrown hair. ... (3 replies)
... I'm wondering if either of the two of you who had appointments to see a Dr. ever went and saw them, and if so, what was the result??? I have what sounds to be similar, went and saw two different Dr.'s and they really didn't have much to say. One of them referred me to a Dermatologist, why, I dunno! Have yet to see him though. Anyways, please do post back, I'm hopeing... (3 replies)
... I have almost exactly the same thing. Sometimes it's barely noticable, but sometimes when my penis is erect, it feels like a hard piece of plastic or something is embedded underneath. It was in one place for a while but recently it moved and sort of spread out. I'm going to go see a doctor soon, too. What kind of doctor are you seeing? After your appointment, please... (3 replies)
... secondly, i have small white spots covering my scrotum, all over. These bumps also appear on the shaft of my penis but are mostly around areas with hair. What are these ? ... (5 replies)
... Then one of the bumps ulcerated. Then the ulcerated bump disappeared. Since then I get very dry red skin on the left side of the shaft and on the bottom right under the head of the penis anytime I irritate it through sex. I just had long sex lastnight and the shaft is very dry, itchy and sore. ... (7 replies)
... also they seem to have a sort of white color to them, but as I said they seem to be under my skin. My girlfriend that I was with never said anything about them nor ever seemed to even notice them, same thing with my doctor. Are they normal? ... (2 replies)
... I've tried for months to find a person to answer this question maybe you guys can help... I have a soft kindof lump on my penis shaft just below the head, its under the skin it looks like bunched nerves, I can feel it when soft, but it's more prominent when erect. ... (3 replies)

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