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... When you feel yourself approaching climax again, just use the technique again. give yourself a few seconds to let things 'subside', then resume with sex. ... (5 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 14, 2011
... Watching porn and masturbating can cause one to need fast and hard stimulation to climax, especially since sex in porn is usually depicted fast and hard. Its not right that your in pain though, it should be enjoyable to you as well. it is good you have tried new and exciting things. ... (9 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 13, 2011
... I noticed that when we have sex the only way he can orgasim is if he goes super hard and fast! I try my best to just bare thru the pain, but sometimes its just too much! Ive tried ALOT of foreplay! Oral, manuel, dirty talk, outfits, role play... ... (9 replies)

... some guys can't even handle the excitement. The fact that you have trouble reaching climax is not as common as the problem of reaching climax too fast, so you're in a unique position to provide for your partners needs... Do you try all kinds of positions? ... (2 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 14, 2011
... You are right about the masturbation leading to the need for very hard and fast stimulation to climax. That is probably pretty easy for him to do to himself, but makes it really hard to offer the same type of stimulation with a partner. ... (9 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 14, 2011
... sorry Im quite the jokester so id say "Now you know how I feel" lol. I don't want you to accommodate to the pain or the boringness that comes from the same old same. I'd say he has to mess around alone at first and then maybe being with you might make it easier to finish him off.... other than that he's just going to have find a way to climax while NOT hurting you (9 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 14, 2011
... Ya we've tried a couple of those. I think it works ok for ME, but he says he doesnt find it any different than other lubes. He says having sex feels soooo good but he just doesnt climax! :/ (9 replies)
Too Fast Too Hard
Jul 13, 2011
... if you have sex often, that could make it harder for him to climax. See if you can't make him wait it out, that might help some. (9 replies)
Too much sex?
Sep 6, 2006
... its fun and exilerating, however, lately i am starting to worry if we have sex too much. last week, we skipped three to four days because she had vaginal pain every time we tried intercourse. ... (3 replies)
Too quick! HELP!
May 6, 2004
... minutes and it's over. Don't get me wrong, I would be ok with that because I orgasm fast too, but when he's inside of me he can't move at all without having to stop completely so he doesn't ejaculate, even with a climax control condom. ... (7 replies)
... Using lube could be good but be careful. Sometimes you put too much lube and it makes you to ejaculate too fast. Your couple could be piss off because she didn't get enough time to reach climax. In the other hand it is great for anal sex. But you decide... ... (2 replies)
... Inexperience perhaps or too much sensitivity. Or perhaps too horny when we need to slow it all down a little and not be as eager. ... (1 replies)
... a lot of fondling down there can get us too close to the brink. ... (2 replies)
... ot know what it is. I do not masturbate so I do know that has nothing to do with it, unless it was damage done earlier on in my life. I have never been able to climax when having oral sex, I can orgasm when having sex or when I am manually stimulated. But only after a long time and a lot of movement and rubbing. ... (5 replies)
... It seems like I ejaculate too fast. ... (3 replies)
... then proceed with pleasuring her until you can regain your erection and have a second go at it. Some guys, too, will masturbate to a climax shortly before meeting the girl to help delay things. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the advice! (10 replies)
... T build up your strokes to fast too quickly. ... (10 replies)
Penis sensitivity
Nov 30, 2005
... If you sit allot, or the lower part of your back aches, or you have pain in the testes on occasion if you sit too long, then that might be it. It can desensitize you enough that reaching orgasm is difficult, or pinch itself in the process in the act itself. ... (1 replies)
... If I flex my PC muscle, I still have to stroke really hard and fast to get to an orgasm and it ends up giving me a major headache, which is hardly worth those few seconds of orgasmic pleasure. ... (6 replies)

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