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... ometimes nearly makes it after some foreplay type stuff with my girlfrield but is still very tight, is it ok to have sex, with a condom, when you are putting the condom on without the foreskin retracted? ... (1 replies)
Condom not right?
Jan 30, 2006
... When you say you stretch the condom on I wonder if you are causing the condom to use the elasticity and pull itself towards the end of your penis. ... (2 replies)
... I did some reading and the foreskin is supposed to retract when you have an erection, for me it's the opposite, the foreskin is very hard to peel back when I have an erection. ... (0 replies)

... Well, im a woman, but it sounds to me like you are putting the condom on inside out.....the condom should always roll right on...and it should roll out in such a way that the ring is facing outward. be sure that your foreskin is pulled back... ... (1 replies)
... or cover the foreskin with the condom without retracting. ... (1 replies)
... the standard instructions are to skin all the way back, put the condom on, leaving a little room at the tip for semen and movement, and then put the foreskin back over the head. this way, the foreskin can still move back and forth as it does naturally. ... (5 replies)
... I like to wear a condom to bed sometimes, I sleep on my stomach and the sensations of my wet penis slipping and sliding inside the condom is incredible when I wake up in the morning. The head gets more sensitive and I don't mess up the sheets if I have a wet dream. ... (7 replies)
... my foreskin doesn't really move forward on the outstroke though. It gets pulled back on the instroke, and stays there behind the glans. ... (9 replies)
... if your foreskin opening is really that tight, sex won't force it back at all. ... (8 replies)
... ya its jus when i pull the foreskin down i cant seem to get the condom over the skin (5 replies)
... yeah ive tried putting a condom on directly on the head put it hurt way too much, ill try the showering thing you suggested, although id feel kind of weird going into a pharmacy store to buy lube, but ill try anything at this point (5 replies)
... You are fully erect right? (5 replies)
... when i roll it to the bottem of the head, i cant seem to unroll it over all the skinfrom when i pulled the foreskin back (5 replies)
... The foreskin is supposed to retract all the way back, until it is no longer folded over its self where the fold forms the skin inside if you see what I mean! ... (5 replies)
... I did notice however that there were two different ideas mentionned on what happens to the foreskin when the condom is it rolled back to reveal the head during the entirity of the intercourse, or left to cover the head? ... (6 replies)
... If he has foreskin, he should be able to wear the condom such that it surrounds his foreskin completely and his foreskin is still completely mobile. If you're not wearing the condom like that, I'd try that. ... (1 replies)
... When you can pull your foreskin back, pull it back, put the condom on, and pull the foreskin forward, with the condom on it. That way, the foreskin plus condom will move like the foreskin normally does...back and forth across the head during sex. ... (2 replies)
... Im a male, 19, and uncircumcised. Why I am here, is because I felt no pleasure during sex. At first, I figured I just didn't put the condom on right. After Googleing for 20 minutes, I realized I did put it on correctly. ... (0 replies)
... First you have to answer Lance's questions. Most importantly does your foreskin pull back easily when you have an erection? ... (8 replies)
Having sex?
Oct 23, 2003
... im not circumcised and never had sex or oral yet, but plan to pretty soon. I was wondering, when I do have sex, what do I do about the foreskin and such? ... (3 replies)

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