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... Other things to think of is things that may dull the nerves. Underwear is a biggie, lose is better, Like boxers. Also if you ride a motorcycle or bicycle, that can cause issues. ... (4 replies)
... So during the climax of a orgasm, I heard something that scared me silly - tingilly feeling went up my left are to my fingertips and the back left and back right of my head started to pound. It has been one and 1/2 days - the tingilly feeling is gone but my headache is still there (not as bad). Please someone help me - I'm scared out of my mind that I injured something. It is... (2 replies)
... I noticed the past week when I masturbate the feeling is not the same. It's almost like a little numb or dull. In other words not as intense. I do have feeling and ejaculate but I feel like I have a side affect as if I were taking like paxil. Paxil cased me to feel less feeling. I haven't taken it in years. I do take a med but have been taking it for years and have not... (1 replies)

... the afternoon, I'll get the idea to watch porn and masturbate. The thing is, it's becoming quite a task to ejaculate. It takes a long time now before I feel like orgasm might be a minute away. ... (9 replies)
... or during an orgasm and causing excrutiating, even debilitating, however brief, pain. ... (2 replies)
... I once dated a girl of whome I was very attracted to, but it was near impossable for me to orgasm with her, and I didn't recieve much pleasure via intercource either. ... (6 replies)
... Okay, let's start off with this: I am a 31 year old male who has never engaged in any sort of sexual activity with another person. I mention this only because it may or may not be relevant to the actual problem that I am about to describe. I have long had a problem with nightmares; about every 2 months, I would have them for 3 or 4 nights in a row, and on the last night it... (2 replies)
Anorgasmia pain
Jun 24, 2013
... I was recently prescribed Citalopram (SSRI) to counteract some anxiety. I was told that it could have affect on ability to reach orgasm, however I didn't realize just how bad that could be. Two days ago, I was unable to orgasm via masturbation and since then I've been in a lot of (dull) pain in my groin/abdomen. I initially felt the "blue balls" affect. Since then, I'm... (0 replies)
... Now, off the meds, I can get an erection, but can't last more than a few seconds before I orgasm. Literally not even 3 seconds, and the orgasm is dull and almost completely without pleasure. ... (1 replies)
... For the past two or three years, I have been experiencing difficulty with ejaculation. Put bluntly, I "fizzle out". I have no difficulty in bringing myself to the point of orgasm (or in being brought there with a female sex partner) given the right stimulation, but upon reaching that point the sensation rapidly fades into what could at best be called a "dull" release. I... (0 replies)
... this happened to me when I was in my early teens a few times. It happened to me when I went "over the top". in other words... rapid masturbation and hundereds of mental images going through my head, basically f**cked my own brains out. I overcame the problem by simply taking it easy the next time around. I have not had that problem for many years now, and I didnt go to the... (1 replies)
... My partner is currently experiencing this problem as well. We have been researching neuropathy and have recently found reference to diabetes as the cause. He is scheduling an appointment to be tested. Have you consulted your doctor about diabetes? (4 replies)
... I'm trying to get perspective on a potentially scary problem of nerve damage - trying to get other people's experience doing the exact same thing. Anybody had a Feather Test at the nuero? If not, try it at home with a feather duster or anything similar. I have compared the intensity and quality of the feeling of the feather on the underside and head of the penis v.s.... (4 replies)
... something normal, but it seems not! The ache I get seems to be deeper in the penis, not really a sharp pain or a burning sensation of any kind, something like a dull muscle ache.. To be true I find it difficult to get aroused for sometime after sex. ... (3 replies)
... and he had an extremely difficult time trying to orgasm. Not comfortable for me at all. Have you tried using condoms to dull the sensation? ... (5 replies)
Mar 19, 2006
... i would advice wearing condoms, if you aren't doing so at the moment. condoms will dull the sensations down. there are also lubes that will sort of numb you so you don't orgasm as fast. ... (1 replies)
... Loss of sensation, delayed or no orgasm and a dull one quite often at that. ... (0 replies)
... I am in the navy currently and just spent 3 weeks away from home, this is my first time away from my apartment and my partner for htis long, I know I am stressed out but here is my problemsjust recently ive started having problems styaing asleep always feeling tired, back aches, moodyness, more iritability then normal, random break downs and crying a feeling of self dread then... (1 replies)
... but they may be enough to dull things enough so you can last longer. And masturbation before sex does NOT mean you will smell like semen. ... (11 replies)
... his is going to sound weird, but I am not sure if I really know if what I feel when I masturbate, is what it should feel like to masturbate. I have never had an orgasm by pure stroking. I have always had to press on my perineum to force an ejaculation. ... (1 replies)

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