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Ejaculation Speed
Nov 19, 2005
... Ever since I can recall, I heard that if someone masturbates from time to time, the ejaculations speed and distance of far is determined. Well, I never have wet dreams anymore because I do it manually. But it always dribbles out. ... (2 replies)
... unds like he has simply learned how to control premature ejaculation. Sorry! I don't think he has any special powers. I think any man can control the time of his ejaculation if he focuses on it. If one ejaculates before he is ready, this is premature ejaculation, a common problem for men. ... (8 replies)
... Some research on the web suggests it can speed up ejaculation as it releases the blocked chemicals. ... (0 replies)

... lation. So, tell your friend not to worry or get freaked out by this and to keep working at it! This really isn't a big deal, particularly if he masturbates to ejaculation and knows that everything works as it should. ... (5 replies)
... Im 36 and Im finding my ejaculation is getting weaker and lower volume. ... (4 replies)
No Ejaculation
Aug 24, 2001
... tion. If it's been years and he has been masturbating for that amount of time it could be more related to the difference in his grip and masturbation technique, speed and style. Our penis can be sorta conditioned to respond only to certain stimulii. ... (4 replies)
Jan 7, 2008
... Hi am 28 years old.Since a year when I masturbate the speed is so low that it just drips down rather than shooting far.Is that normal or needs treatment? ... (2 replies)
... Sometimes it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to reach an orgasm and ejaculate. While some women would envy my wife, she gets awfully tired! How can I speed this up? ... (6 replies)
Ejaculation Speed
Nov 21, 2005
... Some men are shooters, while others are dribblers. It all depends on how hard and often the prostate gland contracts at orgasm. When I was young I could lay on my back while masturbating, and my semen would would go over my head at orgasm. Now that I am older I have joined the dribblers. Each person is different. No need to worry. (2 replies)
Ejaculation Speed
Nov 19, 2005
... dunno thats kinda weird.. as far as myself, when i crank one out i can shoot it pretty dam far lol (2 replies)
... Pillman--I will admit that I used to be total idiot when it came to hand jobs (just ask my hubby ). Jude is right you are used to your hands, pressure, speed, etc. Most girls are afraid to grip hard enough or go fast enough. To show me how he liked it, my husband wrapped his hand around mine and basically showed me... (9 replies)
... Yeah, I hit my face once. I really wasn't expecting it. Didn't care for it too much either, a long white line extending from my penis, up my chest, some on my neck, then a big gob on my check and eyebrow. Kinda funny now but it was a little gross at the time. For the other question, it always shoots out for me. Distance, of course, depends on height and angle, not just... (11 replies)
... Mike: Question: Do you suffer PE when you masturbate, or only in penetration situations? If you can control your masturbation "speed", you should be able to control your intercourse ejacs. Having suffered from PE myself, I found that the most important factor in jack control is sufficient arousal. Paradoxical, but the more generally aroused I get, the more control I... (8 replies)
... Don't try to speed it up take your time, most girls take longer to reach orgasm, so if you finish in three minutes you will never satisfy her. ... (9 replies)
Jan 28, 2001
... You don't want to speed up your climax the best is to make it a long as you can I had quick triger and took me about 2 years to slow it down. ... (9 replies)
Jan 26, 2001
... First of all...Slow down, what's the rush. Lay back and enjoy it don't try to speed it up. I'm cut so I don't know if uncut makes a dif. Relax and enjoy the ride!!! ... (9 replies)
... I know what you mean about wanting something different ever once in a while......if he still has a problem doing it so soon...the speed thing some other poster was saying may help him? ... (27 replies)
... jaculation. The semen is propelled out of the penis with a lot of force. I don't know how they measured it but some of the statistics I've seen say the average speed of ejaculation is 28mph! That's a lot of strain and pressure to put on the urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles, and the rest of the plumbing. ... (11 replies)
... Hey bud, all of what you describe can be related to meds, even the ejaculation piece. However, I think that you've got the lil guy trained to respond to your masturbation practices and that can be fixed. ... (5 replies)
... I'd say you're right on target. If you can masturbate to ejaculation when alone and without any problems, then this isn't a retrograde ejaculation, I think your penis is trained only to respond to your touch. That's your job now. ... (15 replies)

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