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... Hey Guys! I'm 23 year old, I start masterbate when I was in class 9th (Past 6 year) recently I get admission in college where I found I girl and being in a relationship after in relationship we decide to be physical. When I touch my penis on her vagina with her liquid I get hypersensetion and my semen come out within 10 sec, just 4-5 hard rub over vagina. *Embarrassing*... (1 replies)
... Sam, 5 years?!! Change doctors. A doctor will need to do more testing. They should not prescribe A/B's without at the very least a urinanalysis. The doctor should also give you an extensive blood test. Five years is 4 years and 11 months too much! Get to another doctor!! Stay in touch. :) (1 replies)
... re Rusty3200e's old posting about burning sensation after ejeculation, I like to say that I have the same problem. I had thought it was my urinary tract that was causing the sensation, but now he mentioned prostate pain, I began to wonder if my mind was the same. The sensation is at the base of my penis and near my prostate. It last about 10 seconds and at its peak, it is... (1 replies)

... Let me and people know how to stop Ejeculation when at action. ... (0 replies)
Mar 23, 2017
... Hi I am flattered of the age am 47yrs old and I had not had any ejeculation all I did was pied and sat down on the toilet for No 2.Thanks anyways. ... (2 replies)
... So firstly, I seriously doubt masturbating is causing your problem at all. That is a natural and normal thing for you to be doing and you should not concern yourself that you are doing anything to cause yourself problems. It might tell you some things though. When you masturbate how long is it from when you start to when you orgasm? How hard do you get? How long does it stay... (1 replies)
... Alright I am currently 23. 5 years ago, I went to circumsize. Before that I had phimosis for up to 18 years and din realize it is a medical condition when I had sex with my gf for first time. Wanting to avoid circumcision I tried all methods , exercising it with steroid cream during hit shower daily, retracting constantly. I had no choice but to circumsize as last resort ... (4 replies)
... Just the other day, I was more horny than my penis and I masturbated to ejeculation without an erection. And as much as I was frustrated about not getting an erection, it still felt awesome. ... (4 replies)
... secure about this situation having a blood test done can help you overcome your fears completely. CJBa most probably was right, it could also have been premature ejeculation which explains why he could never ejeculate in normal sexual encounters. ... (2 replies)
... bation or getting sex, the same phenomena deprives me from having good sex. Abstinence makes things worse. The supersensivity turns to hyper sensitivity, in that ejeculation happens without penetration and a limp erection. Anyone going through something simlar and how can I solve this problem ? ... (0 replies)
... I am hypersensitive to light after ejeculation is anyone else? ... (0 replies)
... well, did you perform the act on him twice??? or the first time might have been some pre ejeculation and tthen the "real" thing (2 replies)
... If you feel yourself about to ejaculate, withdraw and apply the squeeze. You then move on to gentle thrusting, again withdrawing and applying the squeeze if ejeculation is imminent. Next you progress to simply slowing down or stopping, but remaining inserted, until the moment has passed. ... (11 replies)
... Masterbate more beforehand, wear a condom , some say even taking viagra can help slow the ejeculation down (but in split doses for someone your age). Some guys have to think of somethinig really Unbecoming while in the act --Maybe think of your Grandma in her underwear, crazy things like that. This is such a common problem for young guys, it gets better with age, but don't... (3 replies)
... Ment is masturbation and the effect on health? I like to devide this question in physical and psycological? The effects physically what I know from experience: 1. The blood current in the legs is hindered (become cold) 2. The diastolic bloodpressure increases! (pressure towards the heart) 3. High bloodpressure is not healthy as all know! 4. The chance to get cancer of... (6 replies)
Jan 15, 2008
... Don't masturbate as much. I find that if I don't masturbate after a few days/a week then I can ejaculate quite a bit. (4 replies)
Jan 14, 2008
... unless you are wanting to impress your male friends there is no reason for it. "I can shot further then you!" "yeah but I gots more volume!" shrug. your mileage my vary. (4 replies)
Jan 14, 2008
... volume will not increase teh chances of getting a female pregnant. so unless you jsut want to impress your friends then there is no need. There is a way but it involves needles and injecting stuff in to your scrotum. Not worth it IMO (4 replies)
Jan 14, 2008
... I think for obvious reasons he is asking. Most men would love to. is there a way or phoso-lypids you can take for increase volumes? (4 replies)
Nov 20, 2007
... Why is volume important? (4 replies)

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