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... t seem to be any connection between my erection and the work we were doing, but then over the course of a few appointments the problem became much worse. ... (61 replies)
... ry funny so you work out I am mother in law if they marry then I will be mother in law which is possible now but has been in the States for a long time I think. Erection when massage is very common ejaculation not so common but happen it is often associated with some other problem . ... (61 replies)
... Well I can write with first hand experience regarding erection and normal massage and I had a really good chat with the lady doing the massage so I have it from the horses mouth as they say. ... (61 replies)

... i have been to a massage parlor a few times and yes, it's normal to get an erection. ... (9 replies)
... hen my arousal would not subside. She then went on holiday for a few weeks and referred me to on of her male colleagues, nothing happened the first time but then during the second and third sessions I again got an erection, I was mortified, particularly as he noticed. ... (61 replies)
... Hello again. Thank you for your comments, but I must be careful what I write as reply. In massage therapy the problem of erection is constant and can be separate into those who want it to happen and those who do not. Those who do should not be given further massages. ... (61 replies)
... ks about ejaculation, some call in involentary ejaculating but most see it as a sexual act and in most cases there is reference to an attractive, blond doing the massage and I would suspect that that is more likely to be the cause than the actual therapy. ... (61 replies)
... I've never had a massage so I can't help but wonder. ... (9 replies)
... ction is certainly not uncommon and quite possibly common in crainio, massage or similar therapies, but what is certainly not common or acceptable is ejaculation during such therapies and yet everyone that has written, has done it or thinks it is acceptable and I suppose that is where my problem starts. ... (61 replies)
... First of all often an erection during the night can be caused by needing to go to the is virtually impossible to wet your bed with a fully erect penis, hence the erection.. ... (6 replies)
... A friend of mine is a massage therapist and I remember asking her about it once and she said that they are warned about it at school. ... (9 replies)
... My therapist always gives me an erection when she gives me a massage and it's kind of embarassing lol but is it normal? ... (9 replies)
... to respond to this article you have all written about your experiences, as I know it is here. I lived and worked in America for many years and practice there as massage therapist when I was training to be a physio. ... (61 replies)
... Why all the writing about some thing that happen every day. in normal relaxing or theraputic massage most men are same as you. Nothing special in that and this is nothing the same as erection in craniosacral therepy. ... (61 replies)
... reaction. It's also probable that she has other clients that have the same reaction so it shouldn't be anything new to her. Just don't act rashly based upon your erection that will get you into trouble later. ... (9 replies)
... Well she wouldn't be a very observant person if she didn't notice the sheet sticking up and I'm naked underneath it...that's for sure. (9 replies)
... Is she aware of the fact that she is causing an erection? What I mean ,is it real obvious for her to see? (9 replies)
... Whenever I get a massage, I'm on my stomach, so I don't build a tent!! (9 replies)
... Hello Harry, Nothing unusual with regard to the massage, I suggest your experiences would mirror those of at least 75% of the male population. But regarding the question you raised previously, would it not be benificial to understand the reasons for asking such a question in the first place ? You may just find you get a more considered respense. (61 replies)
... I ask myself the same question as Harry for many times and can not impriove on the comments made. I can say for sure sex and therepy are not same I get massage from young man and I get hard that is because I think of sex when I get therepy I get hard and more arouse but that is with lady and I am gay. ... (61 replies)

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