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... From the scar backwards toward the body, we are dealing with regular skin, which can be hairy. Usually, there is some pubic hair on the penis itself, but it does not usually go as far along the penis as the scar. ... (8 replies)
... Hey bud, nothing to worry about here at all. Those little flesh colored bumps are probably pubic hair follicles and they may or may not have a pube in them. It is totally common to have some pubes growing up the shaft of your penis, even up near the top... ... (8 replies)
... of my penis with no dots. ... (8 replies)

... I have a few areas on my shaft where skin never really grows properly. Its a bit red and more sensitive than the rest of my shaft. Skin does grow on it but its very dry and flakes off so it never really heals, just keeps growing skin and flaking off. ... (5 replies)
... pinkish bumps on the side of the shaft of my penis. They are relatively smooth and either round or a bit elongated. One of them had a hair growing out of the middle and the other had one right at the base. One lower down I actually tugged on a hair follicle and created it. ... (1 replies)
... I have these flesh colored bumps on my scrotum, up the underside of the shaft, and prominently around the hairline at the base of my penis. They do not hurt and have never been red. They look much like the bumps on or around the nipples. They are all almost the same size and don't change size. ... (4 replies)
... Alright, I have a problem. Not because of my size. I am happy with my current size. The problem is not that. Its the fact that I was advised by many friend to start shaving the pubic region. ... (5 replies)
... I was wondering if there was some info out there about these flesh or slightly white colored dots that are on the bottom of the shaft of my penis. ... (4 replies)
... About a year or two ago I noticed little white 'lumps' about 1 mm in size on my forskin, they seemed to be located mainly around the veins. ... (15 replies)
... its not that strange, and in fact very common to have hair actually growing up from the base of the penis, and onto the shaft. ... (6 replies)
... Hello everybody, I have such an embarrasing question to ask. I have hair even growing on my penis! But it's not that much, most of it grows near the shaft and on the underside of it an on the sides too. I try to trim but it's not that much but it's just that there's hair there. Is that strange? ... (7 replies)
... The problem you described sounds like what my cousin in Singapore complained of once to me. He too had hair growing beyond the pubic area onto the shaft of his penis, and he hated it. ... (5 replies)
... when i have an erection... many of these bumps also have pubic hair growing out from them. ... (511 replies)
... The ridge on the underside of your penis that you are referring to is called the frenulum. ... (8 replies)
... After trying to get this problem off my mind with some mindless games, I just coudlnt resist going to check up on it. Seeing how a crust like surface was forming, i.e. scab, i decided to remove it as it didint look too appealing. ... (6 replies)
... yeah, i agree...i had one or two of those whitehead type things on my penis when i was a teenager...i did end up popping them at the time, white stuff came out of it just like a whitehead pimple... ... (7 replies)
... hi i have the overavtive glands ive had them as long as i can remember when i started growing hair on my scrotum they were there the things ive been exposed to is excessive masterbation when i was little i wore to small of underware wich causd some ingrown hairs on my scrotum (511 replies)
Bumps on penis
Dec 4, 2006
... hi i'm a 17 year old man and since i was 14 i have had bumps running up the shaft of my penis the bumps have little hairs growing from them and now they look like they are spreading to the head of my penis. and i have never had sex so i have no idea what they could be. ... (1 replies)
Sebaceous glands
Apr 25, 2004
... ok desporardo i have these little small onse under my forskin if i pull my fore skin back then just below the base of the head say an area of 1cm below the hole u actually urinate from dont know a word for it penis hole will do. ... (104 replies)
... I'm not sure . . . the bumps u describe may be hair folicles growing out . . ... (8 replies)

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